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Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa), you may have heard of it. It is extremely popular in Thailand and for good reason. Kratom gives you a euphoric and happy feeling at a low dose. It also gives you an energy boost. Not bad for a pleasant afternoon or evening.

Why kratom makes you so happy?

Kratom, also known as ketum, kratum or korth, contains the active ingredient mitragynine. This substance has an effect on the opiate receptors in your brain and ensures that you get that happy and euphoric feeling. An improvement in your mood, so to speak. It is therefore not surprising that in some areas in Thailand 70% of men chew kratom leaves every day. Who doesn't want to be happy every day?

Do you feel like having more sex? Use Mitragyna speciosa!

For some people, being happy and having sex go hand in hand. This is also apparent from the kratom can also be seen as an aphrodisiac for women. Mitragyna speciosa gives women more sex drive. And that, of course, is good news for any relationship. This way you will not only be happy with the Mitragyna speciosa, but also with the effect of kratom on your sex life. Kratom does not necessarily work as an aphrodisiac for men, although Mitragyna speciosa is said to prolong erections and help delay ejaculation.

What happens if you take Mitragyna speciosa?

Get ready for a huge smile on your face for the next few hours. An intense feeling of happiness comes over you and you want to share that feeling with everyone. You've just never felt so happy. And that's not all, your energy level is also very high. You have so much energy that you just can't sit still any longer. Ideal for when you go to a festival.

How much kratom should you take to feel happy?

To feel happy, take 3 to 5 grams of Mitragyna speciosa in powder form. If you take more kratom, you will notice other effects of Mitragyna speciosa. At a higher dose of Mitragyna speciosa it has an anesthetic and analgesic effect. Read all about it in our blog Kratom is healing power? You will notice the effect of Mitragyna speciosa after 10 to 20 minutes. You can assume that you will notice the effects of Mitragyna speciosa for 3 to 6 hours. During that period, you are physically more active and your mood is in the best shape. At a low dose you can say that kratom has a stimulating effect on body, mind and for women also in the field of lust.

What kind of Mitragyna speciosa makes you happy?

There are many varieties of kratom for sale. Which Mitragyna speciosa makes you happy and energetic? For an intensely happy feeling, we recommend the Kratom from Malaysiaé, but also from Thailand. Both give an energetic, cheerful and intensely happy feeling at a dose of 3 to 5 grams.

You can now order Kratom online in our smartshop. Make your choice now, and we will ensure that you receive your Mitragyna speciosa quickly and discreetly.