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Mushrooms love heat and now that the weather is getting colder, they could use some extra help. After all, at low temperatures, your mushroom growing kit suffers a lot. And that is not the intention! Soon all the hard work will have been for nothing. Thermal mats are available especially for this purpose. How to use a heat mat for your mushroom grow kit? Read all about it here!

What is a mushroom grow kit?

A mushroom grow kit is a complete package for growing psychedelic mushrooms. The kit contains all the supplies you need to grow them. These supplies may vary per kit, but it always includes a grow bag, spores of psilocybin mushrooms and instructions.

Mushroom grow kit bought, now what?

Once you've purchased your mushroom grow kit, it's time to set it up. First, it's important to clean your hands thoroughly. For an all-in-one grow kit, take off the lid and fill the grow kit with water to the brim. Do not let the growkit soak for more than 50 minutes, and carefully pour out the excess water. Then fill the growbag with water - the right amount is always indicated - and close it with a paperclip. From then on, you have to wait for the first psilocybe mushrooms to show up. Once you can see the caps, it is important to moisten them with a plant sprayer and open the bag every day for new oxygen. When they are big or ripe enough, you can harvest them by picking them in a special way. You can eat, drink or smoke the mushrooms.

What is a heat mat?

A heat mat (also called a thermomat) is a mat you can place under your mushroom grow kit. It is actually an ultra-thin infrared heating mat and provides safe and even heat distribution for your mushrooms. It heats the grow kit or substrate and ensures your magic mushrooms don't get cold in the colder months. Without this heat, chances are your harvest will fail or be very disappointing. You don't want that, of course! You can of course use the heating in your house, but with heating costs these days, this is an expensive joke. A heat mat is not that expensive and your little friends will be very grateful!

Using heat mat mushroom grow kit

To use a heat mat for your mushroom grow kit, it is important that it is not in direct contact with your grow kit. Preferably, place a piece of cardboard or double-folded towel between your grow kit and thermemat. Once you have properly checked this step, you can place the plastic bag filled with the grow kit on the towel or cardboard. Turn the mat on and turn it off after two days. Then wait for the psychedelic mushroom to show itself. This can take about five to 10 days. After that, you may put the thermomat back on. At that time, you may also open the bag of your grow kit a little, so that the moisture can evaporate properly.

If the spores have not hatched after ten days, you can remove the kit from the plastic box and turn it over. Then place the box back in the bag on the heat mat and repeat the above procedure.

Why is heat so important for a mushroom?

Heat, air and water are very important for the growth of your mushrooms. This is because these three factors are necessary for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which mushrooms gain energy from light. Light is converted into chemical energy, allowing it to grow. Heat is needed for this process, because if it is too cold, the mushroom cannot absorb this energy properly. They also need air and water to survive. Air is needed for respiration and water for metabolism. Without these three factors, it cannot grow, and your crop will fail.

Why is hygienic working with a mushroom grow kit so important?

It is very important to work hygienically to ensure that no bacteria or moulds get into your grow kit. You can prevent this by keeping everything clean. Make sure you wash your hands before working on your mushrooms. In addition, always use clean materials, such as a new knife or a new jar. Bacteria and fungi can easily survive on old material. If you don't do this, chances are your harvest will fail. A magic mushroom starter kit is ideal for this. It contains everything you need to work sterile.


Heat, air, water and hygiene are very important for growing magic mushrooms. Without these four factors, your harvest can fail. So make sure you keep an eye on everything and be well-prepared. If you do everything right, chances are you will reap a great harvest!