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Have you ever smoked weed in a vaporizer? The vaporizer has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to smoke weed. It is better for your lungs because the air cools down more and, in addition, you get less harmful substances. But it is important to replace the weed in time. It's a waste to do it too early, but also not useful if you do it too late. In this blog, we explain what to look out for, so you know when it's time to replace the weed in your vaporizer.

Replacing weed in your vaporizer: when do you do it?

When it comes to smoking weed, many people still think of the familiar joint. But in the meantime, the vaporizer has really taken off, even for when you want to use weed. This small, handy device therefore brings many advantages. The herbs that go into it, such as cannabis, are heated at a much lower temperature. As a result, the vapor you draw in is less hot, which is much more pleasant for your lungs. You also ingest fewer harmful substances compared to smoking, according to research. As a final advantage, vaping is also a lot more economical. You do much longer with your weed.

So plenty of reasons to start using a vaporizer. But you can only benefit from these advantages if you replace the weed in your vaporizer in time. But how do you find that right time? If you do it too soon, you'll throw away fine weed. If you wait too long, your draws will become less tasty, and you won't get high either. That's why you can read below what exactly you need to pay attention to in order to replace the weed in your vaporizer in time.

Pay attention to taste and smell

The first sign that the weed in your vaporizer needs replacing is a diminished taste and smell. So when you think it's time, go by your mouth and nose. Take a puff and taste. Does your weed still have a lovely full flavour and the vapor is not pungent in your lungs? Then everything is fine. Does the vapor tingle your lungs a little, and the taste is not so pungent anymore? That's a sign that it's time to replace the weed.

Your nose can also give you important signals. Most people describe the smell of old weed in a vaporizer as the smell of burnt popcorn. Like tea, cannabis loses its taste and smell after a few uses. It just doesn't taste and smell like it should anymore.

Check the texture

Have you tasted and smelled and are in doubt about the quality of the cannabis in your vaporizer? Then it's best to open the vape chamber for a while. When you put the weed in the device, it had a nice bright green colour. Over time, this changes. If your weed or other herbs are now old and used up, it will have turned a dark brown (not black) colour. Note that if your weed is black, then you have set the temperature of your vaporizer too high (or there is something wrong with the temperature settings of the device) and the buds have been burnt. That shouldn't normally happen.

You can also feel whether the buds are still good to use. If they are still fairly fresh, they will feel like there is still some life in them. Shake them for a moment, so they are more evenly distributed. They are now ready to use again. If the weed is used up, they will feel dry under your fingers. So dry that they will crumble when you touch them. If this is the case, discard these old buds and replace them with new ones.

Keep track of how long you use buds

Do you often use weed of a certain brand and strain? Then keep track of how long you could do with this weed in your vaporizer. If you use the same amount each time, this will give you a good indication of how long you can do with this weed. It is then important that you do it the same way each time, i.e. in terms of how long you vape and the temperature at which you set the vaporizer. If you record this a few times, it will be easier to estimate next time when your weed needs replacing.

Do you need to replace your weed?

Of course, you would prefer that the weed in your vaporizer never had to be replaced. But alas, life is not like that. After a certain number of sessions, your weed just isn't good anymore. Not only does it no longer taste good, old weed no longer contains cannabinoids, so it no longer gives the effect you wanted. When the time comes, it's time to replace the weed in your vaporizer. At least you now know what to look out for, to judge when to do so. That way, you can always enjoy the best taste and smell of weed in your vaporizer.