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If you want to use cannabis, it is useful to know the differences between vaping and smoking. The use of vaporizers is becoming more and more popular, because it is clear that smoking has certain disadvantages. But the threshold for using a vaporizer may be a bit higher than just rolling a joint.

Is vaping really healthier, and does the taste of cannabis taste as pleasant as when you smoke? We will answer these and other questions in this blog. Then you immediately know whether using a vaporizer might be something for you.

What is a vaporizer?

Before we get into the differences between vaping and smoking, you should know what a vaporizer is, accurate. This is a device in which you put weed (or other herbs). The vaporizer then heats the plant material like a kind of oven. However, the contents are not burned, which means that no harmful substances are released. The advantage is that you can set the temperature yourself. This way you can take full advantage of the active substances that are released. You can compare a vaporizer to an electric cigarette.

vaping cannabis

The differences between vaping or smoking cannabis

1. Plant material burns or evaporates

The main difference between vaping and smoking is that the plant material does not burn during vaping. This does happen when smoking. In a vaporizer, you can set the temperature yourself (the ideal temperature is between 157 and 225 degrees). If you smoke, the temperature is much higher and the weed will burn. A number of things happen as a result:

Firstly, the high temperature releases harmful chemicals. Because the weed burns, a large amount of compounds are created that are bad for your health. In addition, you also need tobacco to smoke a joint, which releases tar. In the long run, this is of course harmful to your health: it can cause all kinds of complaints, including lung cancer or bronchitis.

Secondly, by smoking weed, many of the valuable substances are lost. The smoke from a joint hardly contains cannabinoids (only 12%) because they were burned by the high temperatures. Many of the compounds, such as cannabinoids and terpenes, are expelled, so you no longer benefit from them.

If you use a vaporizer, most of these substances are retained. By using lower temperatures, you heat the plant material, allowing the weed to release the active compounds. Almost nothing is lost: Vapor in a vaporizer is 95% cannabinoid and terpene. That is of course a huge difference, which will also have an impact on the taste and experience. Just look at the percentages:

  • Vaping cannabis: 45% THC from cannabis
  • Smoking cannabis: 25% THC from cannabis

The conclusion? If you start smoking weed, you can assume that 20% of your THC unfortunately goes up in smoke. Using a vaporizer is therefore not only healthier, but also more effective.


2. Less noticeable

Vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes. The larger are suitable for home use, but there are also smaller that you can carry in your bag or pocket. Whatever vaporizer you have, its use is very discreet. The smell of a joint is very striking, everyone recognizes it. Even if you've smoked at home, the smell lingers on your clothes and in your hair. That is different with a vaporizer. The aroma is fresher and lighter and disappears faster, making it less noticeable that you've used weed.

3. Vaping: better taste

Because the vaporizer does not burn your herbs, terpenes and cannabinoids are better preserved, as you could read earlier. This ensures that the unique and rich taste of your cannabis strain comes out well. You can taste all the nuances well, making the experience even more intense.

4. Differences between vaping and smoking: economic benefits

At first glance, you might think smoking joints is much cheaper than buying an expensive vaporizer. But when you consider that smoking most of your cannabinoids is absorbed into air, buying a vaporizer is not that bad after all. This device ensures that you get a lot more out of your weed. Because you need less cannabis, the vaporizer has pays for itself in less than a year. By the way, there are vaporizers for sale for every budget.

cannabis smoking

5. A different kind of high?

Whether you smoke or vape weed, you are naturally ingesting THC (and a host of other cannabinoids). Opinions differ on whether there are differences in how the high feels when you smoke or vape. Of course, the experience of a high is very personal, and it cannot simply be said that one is better than the other. But it can be concluded from user experiences that there are differences.

It is clear that smoking and vaping release different percentages of active substances. That can ensure that the high is also experienced differently. People who have used both methods report that the high that comes from using a vaporizer feels just that little bit cleaner. Also, the effect can feel more powerful, which is of course possible, because less THC is lost in a vaporizer. Studies also show that vapers who used weed have more THC in their blood than smokers.

Furthermore, with a vaporizer, you have more control over your high. By playing with the temperature settings, you can make sure you get high faster or slower.

As you can see, there are quite big differences between vaping and smoking. Preference for one method or the other is of course personal. Hopefully, you now at least have a better idea of ​​what a vaporizer is and what its benefits are. If you want to buy one, you will find a wide range of vaporizers in our webshop: there are different models, sizes and brands.

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