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The original Spanish Fly - also called cantharidin - is a popular aphrodisiac that comes in various forms. In powder, pills or liquid form. It is a sexual aphrodisiac that stimulates your lust and increases your libido. Whether you want to enjoy your lovemaking more intensely or patiently build up sexual tension, Spanish Fly can help. In this article we will tell you all about Spanish Fly, how it works and how to use it.

What is Spanish Fly?

Cantharidin is an aphrodisiac which used to contain the substance cantharidin, which has now been replaced by L-arginine. It is best known as a potency enhancer and for increasing the intensity of orgasms. The substance cantharidin is obtained from the Spanish fly - which, despite its name, is a beetle from the family of oil beetles or also called blister beetles.

These beetles secrete cantharidin when they are afraid, as a defense against their natural enemies. It is not exactly a harmless substance, and too much can have serious consequences. The beetle contains roughly 1% of the active ingredient cantharidin and is ground up to make an aphrodisiac. Unfortunately, this substance can also be poisonous, and they have replaced it with L-arginine.


spanish love bug

The Spanish Fly as an aphrodisiac

The substance contained in the Spanish Fly is used as an aphrodisiac. Aphrodisiacs are natural substances used to increase the libido of men and women. And the aphrodisiac substance L-arginine is part of this. The Spanish Fly has gained a lot of popularity as an aphrodisiac in recent years and is sometimes called the love potion.

How does the Spanish Fly work?

Spanish Fly is a natural product that stimulates sexual appetite and improves the erection or organism during intercourse. People who use Spanish Fly experience a strong feeling of lust and have a much greater need for physical contact. It can be compared to the feeling of being in love. You feel less inhibited and therefore seek closer contact with the other person. In men, this often leads to an erection faster and the erection lasts much longer than normal. For women, it leads to a more sensitive clitoris.

spanish fly

How do you use Spanish Fly?

The aphrodisiac Spanish Fly with L-arginine is available in liquid form. It can be used by both men and women. Both experience a tingling sensation around the pubic area which increases sexual appetite. You can take Spanish Fly in two ways:

Spanish Fly in liquid form

If you have purchased the Spanish Fly in liquid form, you can take the right amount by drinking it. Add a few drops to your drink and then drink the drink slowly. The effects are often felt within 30 to 60 minutes. The right amount to take is always mentioned on the product or leaflet. Another way is to put the drops directly under your tongue. The effects can then be felt faster, because your body can absorb the substance better. Highly recommended if you are in the mood for an intense lovemaking session. Besides Spanish Fly, there are also herbs, such as Muira puama, which can stimulate your lust!

Buying Spanish Fly

You can buy Spanish Fly easily online in our smartshop. The aphrodisiac is a natural product and has been tested for safe use. The Spanish Fly is available in different flavors: Sweet Banana, Cola, Fresh Apple and Strawberry. Your order in our smartshop will always be shipped discreetly and anonymously, so nobody knows what you order. Besides the Spanish Fly, you can also buy other aphrodisiacs in our shop for a better and intense sex life.