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The history of the medicinal plant Wild Dagga, also known as lion's tail or wild cannabis, goes back thousands of years. This plant grows in the Southern regions of Africa and has been much loved by the indigenous people for centuries. They use the plant to treat various insect and snake bites. Not only that, the Wild Dagga also has a positive effect on headache, diarrhea and fever. Reason enough to explain the medicinal properties of Wild Dagga in more detail in this article.

What is Wild Dagga?

First of all, what exactly is Wild Dagga? Wild Dagga falls under the unique category of plant species that produce mind-altering effects. The plant is officially called: Leonotis Leonurus, and is also known as Wild Cannabis. It is a plant that is super graceful and is often planted in the garden for this reason. In many countries, despite the psychoactive effect, this is completely legal.

The Leonotis Leonurus is bright, colourful, and related to the mint family. The flowers of the plant are extremely resinous and rich in nectar, which makes the plant attract many wild animals. The shrubs remain mostly green and develop lance-shaped leaves up to about 12 cm long. The flowers turn bright red/orange and grow at the top of the plant. Due to its shape and impressive color, the plant attracts many animals, including honey suckers and butterflies.

The Wild Dagga mainly grows in the south and east of Africa. The indigenous tribes of this country were the first to come into contact with the wild cannabis plant thousands of years ago. They discovered the medicinal properties of the plant at the time, and since then it has been used for insect and snake bites, and to relieve headaches and fever.


Medicinal effect Wild Dagga

In the Netherlands, we know the Wild Dagga mainly as a substitute for cannabis, but this unique plant is much more than that. Its history goes back thousands of years and was used in traditional medicine in Africa for its medicinal properties. Often to relieve headache, diarrhea and fever. It also works well in the treatment of insect and snake bites. Furthermore, it can help treat skin diseases, respiratory disorders and arthritis pain. The wild cannabis plant contains anti-inflammatory properties and can help with many different inflammations.

wild dagga

Effects of Wild Dagga

Wild Dagga, or Leonotis Leonurus, is mainly known in the Netherlands as a mildly euphoric and mild psychoactive substance. We often use it as a substitute for cannabis because of its similar effects. The components of the plant correspond to the chemical structure of THC. The wild cannabis plant therefore has a similar effect, but this effect is much milder compared to real cannabis.

As a user of cannabis or other THC products, would you like to try the Wild Dagga? Then you can expect these effects:

  • You feel relaxed after use and you experience a certain euphoria
  • In some cases you will experience heat sensations, blurriness or improved vision.

The Wild Dagga is very suitable for when you want to relax at home, read a good book or when you are chilling with your friends.

dagga bush

Use Wild Dagga

The leaves and roots of the Leonotis Leonurus are dried and then boiled to make a liquid tonic. This concoction is used to treat the various ailments mentioned above.

Wild Dagga tea

From the Wild Dagga extract you can make a delicious tea. Add the extract to your cup of hot water and let it soak for about 5 minutes. dit can relieve the symptoms of a cold or flu. Think of suppressing coughing, relieving muscle pain or reducing fever. The tea can also be good for asthma patients to prevent attacks and for bronchitis patients to open the airways.

Smoke Wild Dagga

The best-known method in the Netherlands for using Wild Dagga is smoking it. The Wild Dagga leaves are then dried and then smoked. This is a very good substitute for cannabis; the effects are almost the same, only they are often experienced a bit lighter.

Using Wild Dagga is legal in many countries, so reason enough to give it a try if you've never done it before. Not only for the euphoric effects, but also for the medicinal effect. You will be amazed by the unique powers of the herb Wild Dagga. Enjoy!