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Choosing a scale does not seem so important. But there is a lot of choice, and how do you know which scale suits you best? You may be using cannabis, magic mushrooms or truffles. A scale gives you the opportunity to accurately weigh how much you are going to take. They are certainly not just for professionals. Even if you are a hobby grower or do microdosing, a scale can be very useful. If you want to buy one, read below what you should pay attention to when buying a scale.

Choosing the best scale: what should you pay attention to?

There is a lot of choice if you want to buy a scale. It seems like they are all equal, except one is bigger than the other. But there are many points to pay attention to, such as accuracy, maximum weighing capacity and quality. Whether you use marijuana or magic mushrooms, choosing the right scale can make your life a whole lot easier.

weighing truffles and shrooms

1. How accurate is the scale?

One of the most important features for choosing a scale is its accuracy. Because you usually need little of what you are going to use, high accuracy is a must. The standard scale you use in the kitchen is usually not that accurate. It can generally weigh to the nearest 1 gram. If you want to weigh a microdose or to top cannabis, that is not enough. You want to be able to weigh at least the tenth of a gram or even a hundredth of a gram. Therefore, choose a scale that can indicate 1 or 2 digits after the decimal point, so 0.1 gram or 0.01 gram.

2. The maximum weighing capacity

Usually, small but high-precision scales have a low maximum weighing capacity. This means that you can weigh a maximum of 100 grams at the same time. Exceptionally, you can find a scale that can weigh a maximum of 200 to 500 grams. Usually you will not have to weigh large weights, so that is not a problem. Do you want to be able to weigh more, for example your total harvest, and do you not want to use a separate scale for this? Then you will have to choose a model that is accurate and has a high maximum weighing capacity.

3. Calibrated scales

Calibrate means that the scale has been checked so that it gives reliable results. That is of course a big advantage. With a cheap scale, that is usually not the case. You can often calibrate the scale yourself, by using calibration weights (you have to or purchase first). However, you must know what you are doing, because if you make a mistake, your scale is not properly adjusted. Everything you weigh next will not be correct. A good, already calibrated scale ensures reliable results. So that may be preferable.

calibration weights

4. Choosing the best scale: Pay attention to quality

When you are dealing with mind-altering drugs, working accurately is very important. That is why it is important to choose a high-quality scale. If you go for a cheap scale, you can assume that it is not calibrated and that the measurements you get are not that accurate. So you can't really rely on it. It is recommended to go for a high quality scale. It is made of good material, is correctly adjusted and provides reliable measurements. Whether you are a user or a grower, a good scale will amply recoup the investment you make.

An extra point to keep in mind: a good quality scale is also a lot sturdier. If you want to take it with you on a trip or to a party, your robust scale will have no problem with that. A cheap scale can be damaged or even broken along the way. If you often travel with your scale, it is also a good idea to go for a somewhat more expensive device.

digital scale

5. Choose the right kind

When choosing a scale, it is good to keep in mind what your purpose is with it and where you will use it. There are different types of scales:

Pocket scale

The pocket scales are small and handy, works on batteries and has a higher accuracy. Such a scale can usually weigh to the nearest tenth or one hundredth of a gram. They are therefore ideal for the hobby grower. You can easily take a pocket scale with you (to parties or on a trip) and can be used everywhere. Usually they have a maximum weighing capacity of 50 to 500 grams.

Table scale

This variant is larger than the pocket scale. This is excellent for home use. The advantage is that you can weigh larger quantities with it, such as a complete crop of magic mushrooms or weed. Because of the larger surface, you can put a bowl on it. The disadvantage is that these scales are usually less accurate (1 gram or 0.1 gram). If you want a very accurate table scales, you will have to dig deeper for that.

Powder Scale

The powder scale is a scale with which you can measure very accurately. They are accurate to the 1000th gram. You can use a powder scale for weighing kief, concentrates or extracts, for example. The maximum weighing capacity, on the other hand, is much lower, which also makes sense. You will not have to weigh large quantities with such a precision scale.

If you are looking for a scale, then you now know what to take into account. If you have the right scale at home, you will benefit a lot from it.