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Welcome to my second Outdoor Cannabis Grow Report of the year. In my previous Outdoor Cannabis Grow Report we explained exactly how you can best start your cannabis (outdoor) cultivation to guarantee a successful cannabis harvest!

In this second blog, we will talk about the further progress of the growth phase of my ''Photoperiod'' cannabis plants, because they have grown enormously! My Purple Kush Autoflowers have also started to flower, have now been harvested and are drying! Enough to discuss in this blog.

Huge Growth of the Photoperiod Plants!

The photoperiod has, over time, turned the small cannabis plants into real shrubs, some maybe even trees. A few are already so big that they are starting to outgrow me. Just a reminder which cannabis plants I'm growing:


  • Royal Gorilla (Royal Queen Seeds) (38L Air-Pot)
  • Big Bud (50L Air-Rap)
  • Monster Zkittlez (Zam. Seeds) (50L Air-Rap)
  • Blue Forest Berry (Growerschoice) (#1 75L Smart-Bag #2 38L Air-Rap)
  • Mohammed (CNNBS x Seedstockers) (#1 50L Air-rap & #2 38L Air-Pot)
  • Critical+ (Inseedious) (38L Air-Pot)

You will (almost) be able to turn this into a real coffee shop menu. Fortunately, I have the time and space to optimally take care of these ladies, and that is also apparent from their large sizes. One by one, the cannabis plants grow out of their ''cages'' on all sides.

Caging Technique Cannabis plants

These ''weed cages'' ensure that the cannabis plants grow somewhat wider and taller, but mainly have support during the growth and flowering phase. This growing technique is also called the "Caging" technique and is often used with all kinds of cannabis outdoor plants. The only cannabis plants I haven't made a cage around are the Autoflowers and the Blue Forest Berry #1 from Growers choice Seeds isn't either. This is because the latter is in a large 75L Smart Bag! All other photoperiod cannabis plants are in 38L Air-Pots and 50L Air-Raps with Weed Cages around it.

The Soil and Nutrition

When starting up my growth I usually start with Canna Terra Professional soil, with some extra perlite, and then I pot the cannabis plants later after a few weeks in richer soil such as Plagron Batmix or All-Mix. Tip: Add extra perlite and/or coconut fibers to your substrate for an even lighter mix!

The plant food I give is from CANNA and of course also 100% Organic. My plant food set consists of BIOCANNA: Rhizotonic, Vega, Boost, Flores and CANNA PK13/14. My cannabis plants became a bit lighter in colour, after the soil was no longer fertilized, so I adjusted the nutrition and raised it.

The Purple Kush and Runtz Autoflowers Cannabis Plants

The Purple Kush Autoflowers from Inseedious Seeds are finally ready to harvest and so to speak. They took a little longer than planned, but this happens more often. Nature does what it wants, after all. I have therefore chosen to harvest them a little early, because the weather is quite humid and this only produces bud rot, and mainly so that I can do a second round of autoflowers this year. After the Purple Kush from Inseedious it is now the turn of Runtz Automatic from Zam. Seeds in the same 20L Air-Pots. These Runtz Autos are in the germination phase at the time of writing. You will definitely hear more about this in my next blog.

The next of my Outdoor Cannabis Grow Reports on will be about the further flowering phase of the photoperiod cannabis plants and hopefully also the growth (and flowering stage) of the newly germinated Autoflower cannabis plants.

This blog was written by @TheStonedGrower on Instagram.