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Cannabis is the new trend in 2020! Science has made great strides and has now discovered that CBD is a very interesting substance. Are you also curious about these new discoveries? Discover the limitless possibilities of CBD here in our blog.

What is a CBD Edible or candy?

Edible is an English word for something edible. CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a substance found in the cannabis plant. This substance is not psychoactive. This means that it is not possible to get high or stoned from using CBD, nor is it possible to overdose on it. CBD is therefore legally available. Most people who try CBD love it because of its effect on both body and mind.

Does a Cannabis Edibles or CBD candy get you high?

It is a substance found in the cannabis plant. This substance is not psychoactive. This means that it is not possible to get high or stoned by using CBD edibles or cannabis candy, so it is also not possible to overdose on it.

dr. Candy CBD

Why should you use CBD Edibles?

1. It ensures a long-lasting experience

CBD edibles have several advantages compared to smoking cannabis or inhaling CBD vapors. While it takes a while for CBD edibles to kick in (between 30 minutes and two hours), the result is relief that lasts longer than when inhaling CBD. This is because it has to be absorbed through your digestive system first and only then goes into your blood. When inhaled, it goes directly to your lungs and enters the bloodstream fairly quickly. In a CBD edible, the active ingredient is combined with other foods. This means that the CBD is released slowly over long periods as the food is digested. The result is a long-lasting CBD experience. The effects of CBD edibles can even last two to four hours longer than those of inhaled CBD.

2. It is not psychoactive and therefore has few risks

CBD may be a cannabis compound, but many are surprised to find that it does not cause a psychotropic 'high'.

3. It is an edible

Some prefer to make their own marijuana butter or infused cooking oil, but CBD edibles are often surprisingly easy to make. Various CBD extracts can be added to cooked and baked goods for an extra antioxidant boost. CBD crystals, made with purified and isolated CBD, are now available in many cannabis stores online. MCT oil tinctures infused with CBD are also handy to have around the house. Both products are easy to dose, giving you more control over the amount of CBD available per serving.

4. Less chance of lung damage

While vape pens are more popular than ever, the long-term effects of inhaling hot oil have yet to be explored. Many pen vaporizers also use added diluents, such as propylene glycol (PG) and polyethylene glycol (PEG). Research shows that these diluents gcan produce toxic carcinogens when heated to temperatures above 224 degrees Celsius. While it is possible to find vapor pens that do not contain these additives, CBD edibles are a great way to avoid inhaling potentially toxic substances. This saves the lungs irritation.


cannabis edilbes

Why not use CBD Edibles?

1. You are not looking for a connection with other plants

Did you know that cannabis is not the only therapeutic plant out there. There is some evidence that compounds in the herb, such as CBD, reacting with other plant molecules to produce enhanced effects. Lavender, for example, contains an aroma molecule called linalool. Linalool belongs to a class of compounds called terpenes. Terpenes are odor molecules that give many plants their unique scent. As you might have guessed, cannabis contains an abundance of terpenes. If you're making CBD edibles at home, adding other beneficial herbs to your culinary creation can help modulate the cannabinoid's effects. Linalool, the lavender compound, is known to have calming effects. Mixing some CBD into a lavender tea or dessert can enhance the gentle effects of any herbal remedy. Amazing, right!?

2. You don't want an easy-to-dose quantity

CBD lollipops? Lollipops are exactly what they sound like - Lollipops infused with CBD. These often come in the form of lollipops, but can also be cookies, tea, fruit, or other shapes. Our range of flavors are delicious and easy to use.  This product is growing in popularity, with a variety of fruit options to try. CBD edibles are a great way to take in CBD. You can get a variety of different CBD edibles, with something for everyone like CBD Chocolate.

3. You do not want the whole world to know that you use CBD

Some forms of CBD can be cumbersome or impractical. Even pocket vaporizers can get quite large, and it may not always be convenient to have a pen-vape to get your daily dose. Those who need pain relief during a long flight or a focus boost during the workday will appreciate the opportunity to simply toss in a CBD gummy and get back to work. You will therefore not be looked at strangely, since you no longer have to take a smoke break.