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The Chacruna is a well-known plant from the Amazon region. Not because the plant looks so beautiful, but mainly for its psychedelic effects. The leaves of the plant - also known as Psychotria Viridis - are used to make the well-known drink Ayahuasca. How exactly to use Chacruna and what the effects are? You can find out in this article.

What is Chacruna?

The name Chacruna refers to the word "chaqruy" meaning to mix. Traditionally, the leaves of the plant (Psychotria Viridis) were mixed with Banisteriopsis Caapi to make a concoction that induces spiritual visions. Today, this potion is also better known as Ayahuasca. Psychotria Viridis is one of the main ingredients for the drink.

About the Psychotria Viridis plant

The Psychotria Viridis plant belongs to the Rubiaceae family. It is a shrub about 5 metres tall with leaves 5 to 15 centimetres long. The leaves contain the largest amount of psychoactive compounds present. They have a distinctive appearance: long, narrow and full of twists. The colour varies from light to dark green. Naturally, they grow in forests in the Amazon region and in northern Central America and Cuba.

Planting Chacruna yourself is almost impossible: they take a long time to germinate, often up to sixty days. When it finally arrives then unfortunately half of the seeds will also fail to flower. On top of that, while the plant is legal in most countries, the DMT that can be extracted from it is not. Being in possession of DMT is illegal in many countries.

How to prepare Chacruna?

You can boil the leaves of the Chacruna plant to make infusions.

Step 1: boil the leaves over low heat for several hours (4 to 12 hours)

Step 2: you can add acidity regulators like vinegar or lemon juice to speed up extraction

Step 3: make two or more infusions of the plant material

Step 4: add them together later, condensing the total liquid into a smaller, easily ingestible amount.

As for dosage, you can use the following quantities for this: 25 grams for a low dose, 50 grams for a normal and 75 grams for a high dose.

What are the effects?

If you want to become one with the world, then Chacruna is the remedy you are looking for! We say Chacruna, but in practice we actually mean the drink Ayahuasca. Chacruna is almost never used alone, because the DMT present in the plant cannot take effect in our bodies without a MAO-inhibitor, such as Banisteriopsis Caapi.

If you combine these two, you get Ayahuasca. From this drink, the psychedelic effects are indeed noticeable. The main reason for many users to use this drug is to pursue ego suppression. In general, the effects are experienced as spiritual.

Cognitive effects

Characteristic cognitive effects are:

  • Very high level of abstract thinking
  • Sense of oneness with the world (spirituality)
  • Suppression of the ego
  • Mostly positive emotions: you feel happier and more creative
  • Increased awareness in the weeks (sometimes even months) after use
  • It works mindfulness and beneficial, sometimes therapeutic.

Physical effects

Characteristic physical effects are:

  • Calming and relaxing effect
  • It has a stimulating effect
  • Visual hallucinations: from colourful geometric patterns to seeing 'alien' life (similar to magic mushrooms)
  • Amplified auditory effects

In addition, it is often accompanied by vomiting and diarrhoea. Not exactly a nice side effect, you might think, but this is actually seen as such by many. It is seen as a complete cleansing of the body and soul.

Possible risks

Chacruna without an MAOI has hardly any effect on our body and carries little risk. When combined with such an inhibitor, the risks increase. This is because the substance DMT is then activated in our body. The most common side effects are nausea, anxiety, paranoia and loss of motor functions. Little is known about long-term side effects. Furthermore, it is important not to use the drug if you suffer from a psychiatric disorder. This can actually lead to a lot of confusion and frightening feelings. We also strongly advise against using the psychedelic drug unaccompanied.

Combination with MAOIs

To bring Chacruna to life in our bodies, so to speak, we often use it with an MAOI. The best known is Banisteriopsis Caapi. This combination is the basis of the drink Ayahuasca. Without such an inhibitor, our body breaks down the DMT contained in the plant in the intestines, preventing it from coming into effect properly. So to experience the psychedelic effects, you have to combine it with an inhibitor.

Buying chacruna

Want to make your own Ayahuasca? Then you need Chacruna! In our smartshop you can buy Chacruna of the brand Indian Spirit with 25 grams of leaves. One gram dried contains about 10 mg DMT. Combine it with Caapi Banisteriopsis and make your own magic potion!