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Curious about the ratio of psilocybin in fresh truffles and magic mushrooms? Or how much psilocybin there is in, say, one gram of fresh truffles or magic mushrooms? Then you are in the right place. In this article, we'll tell you more about the ratio of these mushrooms, so you can dose them properly.

About psilocybin

First, a bit more about the compound psilocybin. Perhaps you already know it, in which case this is meant more as a refresher. To make the article easy to understand, we will explain what this substance Psilocybin is and how it works. Psilocybin is the active substance in magic mushrooms and truffles, which provides mind-altering effects. It belongs to the group of drugs better known as psychedelics. This substance causes you to go on a trip. What this trip looks like strongly depends on the dosage you take and what kind of drugs you take. We will go into that in more detail below.

Ratio of psilocybin in fresh truffles and magic mushrooms

We cannot say exactly how much psilocybin there is in one gram of your fresh truffles or magic mushrooms. We do know that the magic mushroom strain Psilocybe Cubensis contains about 1% psilocybin and the Psilocybe Azurescens an average of 1.78%. In addition, one gram of dried magic mushrooms is roughly equivalent to 10 grams of fresh mushrooms in terms of active ingredient. So before using these psychedelic drugs, it is good to think about the right dosage.

Dosage guideline truffles and mushrooms

To determine the right dose, you have to take into account the strength of the psychedelics. Furthermore, it is important to know that several factors play a role in how you experience a trip. In general, you can follow these guidelines.

Psilocybin Shrooms dosage:

Light trip dosage

1.5 grams dried

15 grams fresh

Medium trip dosage

2,5 grams dried

25 grams fresh

Intense trip dosage

3,5 grams dried

35 grams fresh


Psilocybin Truffles dosage:

Light trip dosage

4,5 grams dried

10 grams fresh

Medium trip dosage

6,5 grams dried

15 grams fresh

Intense trip dosage

12,5 grams dried

20/25 grams fresh


While weighing, use a good, accurate scale. This will ensure that you weigh your dose correctly and don't run the risk of suddenly ending up in a heavier trip.

Effects light trip dosage

In a light trip, you feel slightly tipsy or very mildly stoned. Colours become brighter and your short-term memory goes a little crazy. Sounds become broader, music sounds nicer and you run little risk of losing grip on reality. A perfect choice for budding psychonauts.

Effects mild trip dosage

Colours become deeper and they may change suddenly. The faces of people around you may suddenly turn green or pink, and sometimes you burst into a huge fit of laughter all at once. Walls seem to move, patterns emerge and your thoughts are constantly distracted. Time seems to go slower or much faster, and you may experience certain moments as infinite.

Effects intense trip dosage

You will experience strong hallucinations. Delusions that take many forms: from aliens to inanimate objects that suddenly can talk. An intense trip is really for the experienced psychonauts. In an intense trip, you also get a clear sense that your ego (your "I") doesn't mean that much in the cosmos. You feel connected to everyone around you and can no longer quite tell what is real or a figment of your imagination.

More factors that influence your trip with magic mushrooms or truffles

The dosage not only determines the effects of your trip, several factors play a role. Some people are more sensitive to psilocybin than others. Your mood and environment also play an important role. A few tips before taking fresh truffles or magic mushrooms:

  • Take psychedelics on an empty stomach. Preferably, don't eat anything for four hours before you start.
  • Choose a quiet environment or one you are familiar with to let the magic mushrooms and truffles really do their job.
  • Use a low dose the first time and build up slowly.
  • Dim the lights and turn off your TV and phone for a more intense visual experience during the trip.
  • Never take multiple doses in one evening. Effects often come in fits and starts, and a double dose can cause overwhelming moments.

Always have a trip sitter who stays sober and can help if needed.