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The Pink Lotus is a special aquatic plant with a rich history. It is a pure and clean flower that has several names. Some speak of Indian lotus or sacred lotus, others of the bean of India, and some simply stick to the pink lotus. But anyone who knows this flower knows that it has special effects. Among other things, the flower can promote your sleep. So time to delve into the pink lotus!

What is Pink Lotus?

The Pink Lotus is an aquatic plant, officially called "Nelumbo nucifera". Often, the lotus is also called Indian lotus, sacred lotus or pink lotus. But it all ultimately revolves around the same aquatic plant. The Pink Lotus has a rich history and is traditionally known from Buddhism as a plant that can bring enlightenment. For this particular, water plant may grow in mud and swamp, but the flower is always clean and pure.

What are the effects of Pink Lotus?

The Pink Lotus is known for its ability to bring enlightenment, and for good reason. It has a subtle effect, calming and slightly euphoric. It gives you a kind of "don't worry, be happy" feeling. Because of these mild effects, pink lotus is often used in combination with other psychedelic or smart drugs. A few of these lotus leaves through your joint or vaporizer will soon get you nice and high and spacey. This is due to the slightly hallucinogenic effect of the plant and the active substances it contains (lotusine, nuciferine, neferine and dimethyl coclaurine).

How does Pink Lotus promote your sleep?

Because of the calming and euphoric effects of the sacred lotus, more and more people are using the flower to promote sleep. The flowers, roots, seeds and even young leaves are edible. People who eat the lotus actually experience better sleep, and it promotes sleep. Some people also experience that their dreams become more visual.

How to use it?

You can use the Pink Lotus in several ways. For instance, you can smoke the flower, make it into tea or grow it in alcohol. Most people use it in the form of a tea. This way, you can determine the strength yourself by putting the desired amount of flower in a tea infuser and letting it steep as long as you want in hot water.

If you like to combine it with cannabis or other smartdrugs, we recommend keeping the 50/50 ratio. So, 50% pink lotus and 50% cannabis. And if you use it in this form, then it's best used with a vaporizer. The components of the flower already vape between 100 and 125ºC.

Difference with the Blue Lotus

The Pink Lotus is very similar to the Blue Lotus in appearance and effects, but they are really different. The Blue Lotus, also called Nymphaea caerulea, is actually a water lily. The pink lotus is really about a lotus flower. The effects of the pink flower are not necessarily stronger or weaker than the blue variety, but subtly different. For instance, the blue lotus gives more of a euphoric tingle, while the pink one gives more relaxation. However, they are both used to promote sleep, but the blue lotus is also used to get into a positive mood.

Buy Pink Lotus for a good night's sleep

Are you curious about the effect of the Pink Lotus after reading this article? Try it out by making a delicious tea from it before bed and enjoy a good night's sleep!