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Nowadays, you see more and more products with cannabidiol besides the well-known CBD-oil. For instance, various edibles are available with cannabidiol, including different CBD sweets like lollipops, brownies, gummy bears and chewing gum. A fun way to get acquainted with CBD, if you are already a fan, or as a new way to ingest this amazing substance. In this article we will tell you more about what cannabidiol candy is.

What is Cannabidiol?

First of all, some more background information about CBD. Because what is it exactly? CBD - also better known as cannabidiol - is a substance that occurs in cannabis. Another substance that occurs in cannabis is THC, which makes you stoned or high. In contrast to THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects, but can influence the effect of THC. For example, CBD candy can enhance your high when you light up a joint.

Types of CBD (Cannabidiol)

One of the best known and most popular products is CBD-oil. For the skin, there are also special cosmetics products for sale. Besides that, you can see many more CBD products, such as hashish, tea, vitamins, supplements for sports and food.

What is CBD candy?

In recent years, the use of these sweets has increased enormously. They are available in various forms and flavors, such as peppermint, cola or strawberry. Thanks to these flavors, other flavors of cannabidiol are masked, and you no longer taste the bitter taste. This makes Cannabidiol candy extremely suitable as a treat for taking your daily dose of CBD, or as a tasty alternative to CBD oil.

What does Cannabidiol candy do?

Cannabidiol candies generally have the same effects as CBD oil, but there is one important difference. Your body doesn't absorb the candies as quickly, because they end up in your stomach first, and therefore your body has more work to do to absorb the cannabinoids. Oil is a liquid, and your body can therefore process it more quickly. There is, however, a much more pleasant taste to Cannabidiol sweets than to the oil.

cbd candy

Types of Cannabidiol Candies

Nowadays, you can order many different types of Cannabidiol edibles. In our smartshop you can order for example CBD-honey, tea, brownies and vitamins. In terms of CBD candy, we have many different kinds and flavors:

The Cannabidiol sweets are, like all other CBD products, completely legal. Are you curious about our edibles? Or are you looking for a new way - or a supplement - to take your daily dose of CBD? Take a look in our CBD-shop and get inspired.