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It is often thought that if a huge cloud of vapour doesn't come out of a vaporizer, the vaporizer is of poor quality. But nothing is less true. In this blog we tell you why it is good if a huge vapour cloud does not appear.

What is a vaporizer?

With a vaporizer most people immediately think of an electronic cigarette that contains e-liquid or other liquids. But did you know that there are also special vaporizers for sale that vaporize plant material? These are much more suitable for smoking cannabis. It is precisely these vaporizers that we zoom in on in this article.

A cannabis vaporizer actually consists of a mini oven. It doesn't burn so hot that it burns your plant material, but it gets just hot enough for the plant material to evaporate. The temperature is between 157ºC and 226ºC. The substances therefore do not burn, but evaporate. In the case of cannabis, it will therefore mainly be about the substance THC. Because the solid undergoes a temperature change, the solid changes into gas. You can inhale this substance again, and it will get you high. Watch here a nice video about the vaporizer.

How do those huge vapour clouds form?

You probably see people standing with a vaporizer, who then blow out a huge cloud of smoke. Or maybe you've seen a movie on the internet of people blowing out entire works of art. Then you think: “those vaporizers must be of very good quality, otherwise they won't work”.

We understand you think that, because the smoke clouds can be insanely large! You may be thinking, why is this not working with my vaporizer? I also bought an expensive device, didn't I? Or why does this man/woman have such a large lung capacity? We are happy to answer your questions.

Vapour clouds from your vaporizer

It's actually quite simple to explain. The vaporizer that produces a huge cloud of smoke is 9 times out of 10 a completely different device. These are vaporizers especially for e-cigarettes - this vaporizer vaporizes e-liquids. You can get these in all kinds of different types and flavours. Many people who try to quit smoking first switch to an e-cigarette. Also, not necessarily very healthy, but a nice stepping stone to quit smoking completely.

If you want to create extra large clouds of vapour with your e-cigarette vaporizer, you have to put a very thick battery in it, and inhale very deeply. In combination with a strong air flow that is passed over the coil, the e-liquid evaporates. It dissolves into various particles and cools quickly by the inflowing air. Then it condenses, just like clouds form in the sky. This quickly results in huge clouds.

For vaporizers that focus on cannabis, the weed vaporizes in the small oven inside the vaporizer. The plant material is burned as described above. This gives a completely different ‘vapour effect’ than the vaporizer for the e-cigarette.

It's nice to create a huge vapour cloud, but is it also the same for smoking cannabis?

A cannabis vaporizer is therefore heated by a battery. This heats up the chamber in the vaporizer and vaporizes the plant material you have put in it. In chemical terms, you also call it convection heating.

A good vaporizer ensures the right temperature. Because too high temperatures damage the substances of the cannabis, but also other herbs. And this is of course a very bad thing, because this makes its functioning deteriorate. By setting the temperature between 157ºC and 226ºC, your oven will operate at the perfect temperature and your plant materials will remain in the right condition for maximum effect. 

This is also the reason why cannabis vaporizers don't show huge clouds. Plant materials simply give off little vapour. Even if you go for liquid cannabis extracts, this will still be disappointing compared to a vaporizer for an e-cigarette. If a lot of smoke / vapour suddenly appears in your vaporizer, then something is probably not quite right and there is burning something in the chamber of your vaporizer. So check that out.

The less smoke, the better the vapour of your plant material

So there isn't that much smoke coming out of your vaporizer: good news! You have set the temperature correctly and get the most out of the relevant plant materials. Do you also want to make mega clouds of vapour and blow figures? Then buy an e-cigarette vaporizer with the flavours you like. So this is where you get those huge vapour clouds!

A good vaporizer is a healthy investment

Which applies to many products: cheap is expensive. Likewise, for a vaporizer. A good vaporizer is not cheap, the average prices are around €80. You should actually see it as an investment, a good vaporizer lasts for a very long time and with this you get the very best results! Below is a brief summary of the pros and cons.

Advantages vaporizer:

  • A good vaporizer uses as much plant material as possible effectively
  • You have less damage to your lungs than with a regular joint
  • No chance of nicotine addiction
  • A good vaporizer lasts a long time

Disadvantages of vaporizer:

  • Once an expensive investment
  • Inhalation with a vaporizer can be violent because the vapour is much more concentrated, which can be painful for your lungs