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In this blog you can read all about ‘liquid cultures’ or 'liquid culture'. Liquid cultures are indispensable among the real magic mushroom connoisseurs and mycologists. It is used to grow potent magic mushrooms at home. In this blog we will tell you what it is, what its benefits are and why it is so popular. This method is becoming increasingly popular, and that is why we wrote a blog about it especially for you. Happy reading!

Liquid cultures? What are they?

Considering growing magic mushrooms with spores? Then you have probably heard of liquid cultures, or ‘liquid culture’ or ‘LC’. This involves a closed, sterile environment in which mycelium grows in a mixture of water and sugar. There are many different ways to obtain magic mushrooms. You can buy them on the internet, look for them in nature, or grow them with the liquid culture method. Liquid culture is a sterilized, nutritious solution for  growing magic mushrooms. Usually this is a mixture of water and different types of sugars. This mixture can develop mycelial growth if inoculated with spores. This can be done with syringes or vials.

Normally, mycelial growth occurs when spores are inoculated onto the substrate. When the germination process is complete, the mycelium develops the substrate, and then it colonizes. The difference with the liquid culture method is that the development of the mycelium takes place in the liquid culture pot or a bottle. This has several advantages.

spore syringe

What are the benefits of liquid cultures?

Nice that liquid culture, but what are the advantages of this method? We looked it up for you. The two most mentioned advantages are the fast result and the unlimited mycelium growth. Read more about it below:

  • You have much faster results

The grower no longer has to wait for the spores to germinate. This means that the incubation time has been reduced by at least one week. This of course saves a lot of time.

  • There is unlimited mycelial growth

1 cc of spore solution is sufficient to create an unlimited amount of liquid culture medium. Once the mycelium starts to develop, it continues to develop.

When do you use liquid cultures?

This method is suitable for advanced magic mushrooms to grow. (Read here, how to grow magic mushrooms with a grow kit). By advanced growing we mean:

  • You start growing from scratch;
  • Start with a magic mushroom growing kit without mycelium.

liquid mushroom medium

Make your own liquid cultures

Some people make liquid cultures themselves. This is not entirely without risk because you have to work very carefully. That's why we recommend our Liquid Culture Vial.

Liquid Cultures with our Liquid Culture Vial

A Liquid Culture Vial is a solution in which the traces of a magic mushroom are injected. Thanks to this solution, the spores will germinate more easily and faster.This means you don't have to wait weeks for your psilocybin mushrooms from the moment you drop this liquid culture on the substrate. A spore jar is also very concentrated, which is nice but on the other hand it is not, because you soon overdose the substrate. With this liquid you can weaken the concentration so that you can better distribute the spores over the substrate and thus optimize the colonization very fast and effective!

Important to keep in mind when injecting the spores in this liquid is that you have to shake the bottle hard and well before use. Do this every day for about a week. This helps the spores to germinate better, all this of course for an optimal result. Our Liquid culture Vial comes with sterile alcohol wipes and an 18 gauge needle. Will you receive the product? Preferably, place it in the fridge as soon as possible. It is a sensitive product that performs best in temperatures between 2 and 8 ºC. Want to know more about this product? Read more here.