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The San Pedro is a beautiful mescaline cactus native to South America and known for being a strong hallucinogen. The active, psychoactive ingredient in this mind-altering and body-purifying cactus is mescaline. The effects of Mescaline can be said to be intense. You therefore only use a San Pedro cactus in the form of a ceremony and under the guidance of a tripsitter or shaman. Have you done your research on the effects of San Pedro, have you arranged the setting and ordered the cutting of the cactus? Then only the correct preparation of the cactus stands between you and your spiritual journey. In this article, we would like to explain how to properly prepare a San Pedro cactus.

Way of consuming

There are several ways to consume the San Pedro cactus. For example, you can let the cactus dry and grind it into powder, and there are even stories of users eating the cactus raw. However, preparing the San Pedro into a drink is the most used and most pleasant way of consumption. It's a lot more work, but it's definitely worth it. Drinking the San Pedro cactus reduces the risk of negative side effects such as nausea and abdominal cramps.

Green is good

When you cut a San Pedro cactus in half, a star-shaped figure with a white interior and green edges appears. The active substances are located just below the outer layer, in the green part. The white part is responsible for the nausea and abdominal cramps.

Step-by-step plan for preparing the San Pedro

You can buy the San Pedro as cactus in a pot or if cutting. Below a step-by-step plan, we assume a cutting that is at least as long as your forearm (from a clenched fist to your elbow). In principle, this dosage is good for one person, but always let an experienced user or shaman advise you because of the strong effects in terms of quantity. 

Performing the steps below takes time. Set aside at least a day for this, and see it as a mental preparation for the spiritual journey you are about to make.


  • Small blade
  • Large pan
  • Sieve
  • Water
  • Chopping board

Work hygienically, put on gloves and follow the step-by-step plan below carefully: 

Step 1: Remove spines

Remove the spines from the cactus with a small knife. You do need some patience for this, because there are a lot of spines and you don't want to miss any. Put on some nice music and work carefully.

Step 2: Remove the outer skin layer

The outer layer of skin is a thin, transparent sheet that you can usually easily remove. Peel the transparent layer of skin from the green tissue from top to bottom and, if necessary, grate the drawn-on greens off the peeled layer of skin.

Step 3: Separate the green tissue from the white tissue

Now that the outer skin layer has been removed, you come to the moist, bright green part. This is the part with the psychoactive substances, and you want that! This section is only a few millimetres deep. Cut off the thin, bright green layer.

Step 4: Cooking

Take a large pan and pour 3L of water into it and let it boil over medium heat for three to four hours along with the collected green material from the San Pedro cactus. Wait until most of the liquid has evaporated, and you have about 250ml of content left. This is now a thicker substance.

Step 5: Strain the substance

Remove the whole thing from the fire and strain the substance. The pieces of cactus are now separated from the liquid. Collect the liquid and put the pieces of cactus back in the pan.

Step 6: Cook again

Boil the remaining pieces of cactus again, and this time add 2L of water. Let it cook for another three to four hours on medium heat, and pass the substance through a sieve again.

Step 7: Mixing

Finally, mix the liquid from the first and second boil together. In total, you should now have 300 to 400ml of liquid.

Tip: The more you boil the substance, the less you have to drink. This in turn reduces the risk of negative side effects (nausea). id and surrender).

The uses and effects of San Pedro

Your San Pedro tea is ready, and your spiritual journey can begin! The main psychoactive ingredient of this magic cactus is Mescaline. This causes strong visions and hallucinations. It can turn your entire perception of the world upside down. Users indicate that the ego plays a large part during this purifying trip. You will be presented with a true and pure mirror, in which you may or may not recognize yourself. Fascinating, inspiring, but also confronting. Time seems to stand still during the trip, so that you feel like you can be in the same vision for an eternity.

Due to the intensity, it is highly recommended, if not required, to be accompanied by a tripsitter. A down-to-earth person whom you know well and trust blindly. Where you can be yourself. And someone you don't feel ashamed of. Drinking San Pedro tea is therefore absolutely not suitable for a pleasant evening trip with friends on the couch.