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The use of hallucinogenic herbs and psychedelics goes back centuries. It is still used as a guideline in ceremonies and rituals. Deep experiences with the help of psychedelics, where the perspective on the world changes is nothing new. It helps to free your body and mind from negative influences and thoughts. Pretty powerful effects.

Maybe so powerful that using hallucinatory herbs can have a direct connection with the origin and development of life on earth? British writer and journalist Graham Hancock has a beautiful and very interesting theory about this. In this article we would like to tell you who Graham Hancock is, what his work entails and why he sees a connection between the theory of evolution and hallucinatory herbs.

Who is Graham Hancock?

Graham Hancock was born on August 2, 1950 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He attended Durham University where he studied sociology. However, he has devoted his career to writing high-quality journalistic pieces. That turned out to be very successful. He has worked for The Times, The Independent and The Guardian, among others.

Slowly, his focus shifted from articles to writing books. His first bestseller and with it his ‘break-through’ is The Sign and The Seal. In this book, Graham describes a nine-year investigation into the location of the iconic and religious Ark of the Covenant. A sacred chest in which the two stone plates with the Ten Commandments were kept.

With this bestseller, Hancock established himself in the world of pseudoscience. A system of views, statements or actions that does not stand the test of science, but with loyal supporters who nevertheless claim or suggest that it is about science. The results cannot be scientifically confirmed, but are often food for thought and an inspiration to look at the world from a possibly different angle.

The theory of evolution

How did the first life on Earth originate? An all-encompassing question to which many scientists have devoted their lives. Charles Darwin's theory of evolution (1809-1882) is considered to explain how mankind came into existence and explains its rapid development through constant evolution. The well-known principle of “survival of the fittest” underlies this.

The theory of evolution and Graham Hancock

The theory of evolution may be confirmed, but humanity is still left with great mysteries. Issues that cannot be explained from the scientific point of view. Less than 50,000 years ago, humanity was a group of apes, with no art, faith, or innovative thinking. Somewhere there has been a gigantic switch. From a primitive brain, to the beginnings of the human brain that we know today and that is still continuously developing.

How could this have happened? Evolution alone has not been able to bring about this major switch, at least not so quickly. It's really about new connections that have been the beginning for the modern human brain. Graham Hancock seems to have found an explanation while visiting the deep rainforests of the Amazon. He records the entire physical and spiritual journey in the spectacular book Supernatural, meetings with the ancient Teachers of Basket Child.

Hallucinating herbs

In the most majestic rainforest of the Amazon, Graham Hancock comes into contact with Indian shamans who give him the powerful tea with the herb Ayahuasca. The beginning of a spiritual journey with a gigantic revelation.

Thanks to this trip, Hancock sees connections with hieroglyphic drawings in ancient caves. Patterns and drawings that were made centuries ago and can be seen in the hallucinations coming from hallucinating herbs. Is it possible that humanity's consciousness has taken a leap thanks to the supernatural powers of Ayahuasca and other hallucinogenic herbs?

The connection between the hieroglyphs and (contemporary) hallucinations is almost undeniable. Graham Hancock's research does not stop at historical life, but thanks to these insights it also focuses on current, contemporary issues. Like alien life and the explanation. With Supernatural: Meetings with the ancient Teachers of Mankind join Hancock on a very interesting journey and put the use of hallucinogenic drugs in a completely different light.

Drugs and the Western World

In the Western World, the use of drugs is often seen as a deterioration of your brain. Graham Hancock's book and theory suggests the opposite. The use of hallucinogenic herbs or other psychedelics may have a direct relationship with the rapid development of the modern human brain.

The taboo on drugs in the Western World stands in stark contrast to the sacred and magical reputation of hallucinogenic herbs among ancient civilizations. Are you open to exploring alternative realities and truths? Then the books by the brilliant Graham Hancock are an absolute must!

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