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Psychedelics are powerful and very versatile drugs. Think of drugs like LSD, magic mushrooms or truffles. They are often used recreationally, but did you know that psychedelics have much more to offer? Under the right circumstances, they provide the key to getting to know your inner self.

Psychedelics and spirituality go well together to stimulate personal development. A psychedelic user can learn all kinds of things about themselves with a good plan. This is because you blur the boundaries of your conscious mind while using psychedelics. This gives you the opportunity to grow both as a person and spiritually. Curious how you can do this? We are happy to tell you more.

What is psychedelics?

First of all, it is important to know what psychedelics are exactly. What do psychedelic drugs do, and how do they work?

Psychedelics are drugs that increase awareness of time and space, let it change. This will make you see and experience the world differently. Colors appear brighter, things seem to move, and your way of thinking is very different. Many people refer to such an experience as a trip. Psychedelics are therefore also better known as a tripping agent. The duration of such a trip differs per drug, and the effect of the drug is often stronger than when you take more of the drug.

Use of psychedelics

Psychedelic drugs are often used recreationally, but the drug is also good for spiritual experiences or for use as an aid in therapy. Psychedelics can act as a sensory stimulant for when you want to relax and listen to music. Or if you want to get through the day smiling, psychedelics are happy to help. But also for those who want to discover their consciousness, psychedelic drugs can help unlock your mind.

What is spirituality?

Before we dive deeper into their use of psychedelics for a spiritual experience, we first explain to you what spirituality. Spirituality is all about your mind and is about the way you live your life. According to many, a vague concept, but that does not have to be the case. Spirituality is about that which moves you, and that which gives meaning and meaning to your life. This can include, but also be completely separate from, religion, religion, or belief in a transcendent reality.

What is spiritual consciousness?

Nowadays more and more people are engaged in things like meditation, mindfulness, healing, and spirituality. Awareness is one of the biggest trends of the moment. The average person goes through life, 5% consciously and 95% unconsciously. Of everything that a person thinks, feels, knows, experiences, does and says, only a small part is conscious. When you want to be spiritually aware, you look for the unconscious in life to find out that life has much more in store. You will live more consciously and take better care of yourself.

Why psychedelics for a spiritual experience?

Psychedelics blur the boundaries of the conscious mind, through which you can grow as a person and spiritually. What this trip looks like is different for everyone. The content of your unconscious mind gives meaning to this journey. It is about experiences, norms, values, and ambitions in life formed by you. Unpleasant or pleasant experiences, you will encounter them all during such a journey. Assessing and accepting these experiences can help you develop your awareness.

A few more important factors that influence your journey and what you should consider must keep in mind:

  • The setting. Using psychedelics in a safe location brings a completely different experience than in an unsafe place.
  • Your motivation. If you only want to have fun, the insights will be disappointing.
  • Your spiritual development will not work if you do not accept the truth about yourself.
  • The processing process. The new insights you have gained must be properly processed and applied in daily life to become a better person.

Personal growth with psychedelics and spirituality

With the right purposes and use of psychedelics and spirituality, you should be able to get to know your unconscious mind. Please note, only correct use of psychedelics will allow seeing who you really are. If deep down all you want is a recreational trip, unfortunately that's all you get. And always keep in mind that psychedelic drugs are a tool for spiritual growth. You will really have to process the insights yourself and apply them in your daily life. Good luck!

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