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Did you know that you can also do things wrong when tripping? Tripping can be an experience that can give your life a positive boost, change your view of everyday reality and help you move past fears or other barriers. However, it is important that you do not make mistakes when using your trip resources. For example, you should provide a nice environment, good company and not combine drugs. Do you make these 5 common mistakes when you trip? Read here how you can prevent this.

Trip safely

Anyone who is curious about trip agents would do well to opt for magic mushrooms (or truffles). They are, according to research from the 2017 Global Drug Survey, the safest drugs in existence. Regular drug users were questioned. To determine the safety of a substance, the need to go to the hospital because of the use of the substance is looked at. Magic mushrooms are the least harmful of the recreational drugs. Of the nearly 10,000 users, only 0.2% needed to go to the emergency room. For other substances, this was, for example, 8.2% for methamphetamine and 1.4% for alcohol.

However, magic mushrooms also carry certain risks. A bad trip can have a major impact on your well-being. Try to avoid this by not making the following 5 tripping mistakes. It therefore does not matter which means you use.


Error 1: The wrong company around you

One of the things you can do wrong when tripping is not paying attention to the people around you. Tripping can be a great experience, but that only works if you are in good company. If you find yourself among people who don't know what the effects of psychedelics are, it could turn out to be a nasty trip. Sometimes people will laugh at you or bully you about what happens to you, such as when you get nauseous or how you behave while tripping. That, of course, will not have a positive effect on you. These kinds of circumstances can cause you to suffer from paranoia attacks.

So make sure you have people around you who know you and who can even help you if needed (arrange a tripsitter!). It's good if they know the effects of magic mushrooms, weed or other drugs. You will certainly notice that the tripping is a lot nicer.

Error 2. No attention to set and setting

Especially if you are going to trip for the first time, it is important that you pay attention to the environment. But in principle it is always important that you are in a room where it is quiet and where you feel comfortable. So don't get high at a crowded party with unknown people. Also, don't do it if you're not feeling well yourself. Your own mood is also an important factor. If you are under stress, if you feel restless, afraid or sad, let the tripping pass by. This can cause a bad trip.

Choose a place you know and where you know you're safe. Your own home or that of a good friend is a great choice. Make sure the atmosphere is good, that there are people you know, and that you feel positive. You can only have a nice trip if you are calm and at ease and in a clean and neat setting.

Error 3: Troubled and terrifying images

When you hallucinate, your brain processes incoming stimuli in a different way. So what you see around you is important. If you're tripping and the television is on, make sure you don't get creepy, gory or other disturbing images. Your feelings are magnified and amplified during a trip. These kinds of images can therefore cause intense, negative feelings and thoughts. This also applies to music, so prepare a nice, positive playlist before you start.

Error 4: Not taking the time

Tripping takes time and it would be a shame if you didn't take that time. If you feel time pressure, this has a negative effect on the experience. Precisely if you sit down and stress you will not have a nice trip, it can generate fear and paranoia. So don't forget to make room in your agenda, for a psilocybin trip at least 6 to 8 hours.

Error 5: Combining different drugs

Did you think you could make your trip even more exciting? There are people who think that magic mushrooms, LSD or MDMA alone are not enough. They can probably make it even more fun by combining different drugs. So that's a pretty big mistake you can make while tripping. For example, if you use alcohol with magic mushrooms, you have a good chance that you will feel confused and disoriented. Taking alcohol before taking mushrooms can make the nausea worse, causing you to feel tired and vomit. Not really a good start to your trip.

Other combinations are really not recommended. Speed and weed together cause feelings of fear. Alcohol and ketamine can interfere with the coordination of your nervous system, causing you to lose consciousness. The effects of different drugs together are difficult to predict. Stick to 1 type of drugs to avoid dangerous situations. If you want a more intense effect, just use a little more of the product.

These 5 mistakes can easily be avoided by preparing well for the trip. It's really worth doing, because then you get a lot more out of the experience. Pay attention to the environment, turn off the television and enjoy good music, do not combine drugs and make sure you have good company. If you now also take plenty of time for tripping, you can really enjoy your magical journey.

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