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Voacanga Africana is the name of a tree in the rainforests of West and Central Africa. Its seeds and bark contain psychoactive substances with stimulating, aphrodisiac and sometimes even hallucinogenic effects. From ancient medicine teachings, the powerful effects of this unique tree are confirmed, yet to this day it is difficult to assess exactly what it can do for someone. A matter of trying it, then. But not before you have read all about the active ingredients, effects and experiences with Voacanga Africana seeds in this article.

The active ingredients

Both the bark and seeds of the Voacanga Africana contain the psychoactive alkaloids voacangine and voacamine, with the seeds containing the highest concentration. Voacangin contains the same chemical properties as those of ibogaine, derived from the iboga plant. Because of these active ingredients, the bark and seeds have traditionally been used by medicine men to relieve both physical and mental ailments, such as heart disease and addiction.

The effects of Voacanga Africana

Today, the exotic tree is particularly known for its industrial and medicinal role. Indeed, it is used as a raw material for making latex and can be found as an ingredient in various medicines.

However, African shamans have used the tree's various raw materials since ancient times:

  • The bark of the tree was used to stimulate the brain and as an aphrodisiac;
  • The roots were employed to sustain hunting;
  • The seeds were used for their visionary and sometimes even hallucinatory properties during rituals and ceremonies.

Voacanga Africana seeds

Because of its high concentration of psychoactive substances and its still mysterious nature, more attention has been paid to the seeds nowadays. The effects of the seeds vary greatly from person to person, but in general they are known for their stimulating, aphrodisiac and sometimes even hallucinogenic effects.

Exactly what using the seeds can do for you and your spiritual development is a matter of trial and error. However, it is strongly recommended to stick to the recommended amount. This is because physical discomfort, such as vomiting and diarrhoea, can occur if you take too much.

The harvest

The Voacanga Africana tree produces fruit in the summer months (between June and September). When the fruit is ripe, it turns brown. At that point, the fruit can be harvested by cutting it off the branches. Then the fruit can be opened and the seeds are visible. Once the fruit is opened, the seeds must be given time to dry properly. Only when the seeds are thoroughly dry can they be harvested and transported.

Do you have green fingers and want to grow the Voacanga Africana yourself? You can, but it is challenging. The exotic tree thrives best in an environment with continuous high humidity and a warm temperature. Furthermore, you should make sure that the plant is protected from frost for at least three years. Does the plant still come into contact with frost? Then the chances of you developing a healthy Voacanga Africana are very slim.

Fortunately, it is very easy to order the Voacanga Africana seeds in our webshop and because of the favourable price, growing them yourself is certainly not necessary.


Have you got the magic Voacanga Africana seeds? Then count them before grinding them.

This is very important for the dosage:

  • Mild dose: 50 seeds
  • High dose: 100 seeds

Match the dose to experience and sensitivity to psychoactive substances. Have you properly counted out and tuned the dose? Then you can start grinding the seeds with a mortar and take them with or without a sip of water.

Exotic seeds

Voacanga Africana seeds belong to the exotic seeds because they are found in warm and humid climates, have a psychedelic effect and have a rich history within ancient medicine. Exotic seeds can expose deep and solid negative emotions.

So it is not necessarily suitable for a cosy evening of tripping with friends on the couch. Take the effects seriously, provide comfortable surroundings, and embark on the spiritual journey with people you trust.