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More and more people today feel that they are awakening spiritually. And by spiritual awakening, we mean that you intuitively shift your attention from the outside in. So that your body and mind come into balance, and you learn to love yourself again. Some describe this process as if they suddenly ‘see the light’ or like a bright bolt of lightning. Are you also in the middle of a spiritual awakening, or do you hear this more and more around you? And are you curious about what spiritual awakening is, what the symptoms are, and how you can best deal with this? Then read on quickly!

What is spiritual awakening?

When you're working on your personal development these days, you can't ignore spirituality. Just like with personal development, spiritual awakening is also about awareness. Spiritual awakening means that you become aware of yourself by turning from the outside in: you will discover who you really are and that everything is connected. We also call this spiritual awakening, or as some people explain it: seeing the light.

Process of spiritual awakening

The process of spiritual awakening always leads to changes. For some, the process can be very slow and gradual, while for others it's over in no time. If the process is very fast, chances are your spiritual awakening was triggered by an event that had a major impact on you, such as an accident. But whether your awakening is fast or slow, it is always accompanied by resistance. Sometimes it can even feel like you're losing yourself. Not surprising, because the spiritual awakening often entails major, inner changes. Psychedelics like psilocybin can aid in a spiritual awakening.

Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening doesn't happen all at once, it's a multi-stage process. It is not a process with a clear start and end point. However, as a gauge, you can ask yourself how much you love yourself. The more you love yourself, the closer you are to a spiritual awakening. This actually means that you listen to your own wishes, don't do anything you don't want to, and don't go against your gut.

Spiritual awakening looks different for everyone, but there are a number of symptoms that can indicate that you are in the middle of a spiritual awakening:

  • You have a greater need to be alone, or you would like to go out into nature. You enjoy the silence around you.
  • You attach less value to matter, statuses and opinions of others. You prefer simplicity, and you want far fewer things in life.
  • Need to break free from certain norms, labels and structures.
  • Physical complaints, such as fatigue, headache, ringing in the ears or a lower libido.
  • You are open to sharing intimate thoughts and feelings with others, without feeling ashamed.
  • You dare to trust your own feelings more and more, and your intuition develops.
  • Feelings of loneliness, mood swings or suffering from depression or burnout.
  • The need for different (healthy) food and a conscious lifestyle.

Tips for spiritual awakening

As we mentioned earlier in this article, a spiritual awakening is not always fun. You come across the negative sides of yourself, and certain insights can hurt. To make a spiritual awakening a bit more pleasant or to better deal with the process of spiritual awakening, some useful tips for you:

  • Try like this, eat healthy as possible and exercise enough. Also take the space to relax and get a good night's sleep.
  • Don't be too hard on yourself, don't just accept everything you come across in your journey, keep thinking and feeling for yourself.
  • Keep in mind that you don't have to have all the answers during your spiritual process. Don't get lost in spirituality and stay grounded.
  • Find people who, like you, also think positively about spirituality and avoid people around you who are not concerned with it. Do not immediately put all your current contacts aside, some of them may be open to it.
  • And as a final tip: remember that everyone walks their own path during the process of spiritual awakening. There is no right or wrong. Remembering this will save you a lot of frustration!


With the spiritual awakening, you change your consciousness and change the meaning of life for you. For everyone, this is a unique process that is accompanied by many emotions and (inner) changes. But in the end it all leads to new insights and more love for yourself. And only when you love yourself and fully accept yourself can you look at others from pure love. You will start living with more respect for yourself, for others and for the animals and nature around us.

Enjoy the ride & remember to love yourself!