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Tripping with drugs strengthens your existing emotions, changes your perceptions and your perception of time and space. Well-known tripping agents are LSD, shrooms, ketamine and 2C-B. Exactly how you experience the effects of a trip depends on the drugs and setting. Think about the amount of drugs you take, whether you're in a familiar or unfamiliar environment, and whether you're tripping alone or with friends. Opinions are divided about the best locations and way of tripping, but as far as we are concerned, nature is one of the most beautiful places to experience your trip. We give you some tips for your outdoor trips.

Why trip in the open air?

A trip outside on psychedelic truffles or magic mushrooms can make you feel more feel in touch with nature. You feel free, more adventurous, and you like to explore. Whether you choose a location such as your backyard, a spot in the woods or perhaps on a mountain. Either way, outdoor tripping is a fantastic experience to experience. Just make sure the location you choose is safe. Of course, you don't want to make the newspaper because you tripped off a cliff. It is therefore useful to visit your trip location in advance, so that you know what the place looks like.

Top 3 of the best outdoor locations

Looking for a new experience for your trip? Try these locations outdoors.

1. Walking in nature

Explore and enjoy the beautiful landscape in our little country. Take a walk in nature and let yourself be guided by your trip. Follow a stream of water, climb the tree, smell the wonderful scent of wild flowers or see what the ants are up to. Animals and plants are magical when you are in your trip. Water is also magical during your trip: the ripples and waves that create patterns on the water, pure magic.

2. Go camping in the forest

The forest is a magical place for your psychedelic experience. Don't be shy and go on an adventure. Build houses from branches, dance among the trees, or roll in the leaves. Yes, roll in the leaves. This sounds crazy, but you're going to get this need. Some even declare their love to the trees by hugging them. It is therefore useful to find a place where not too many people come, so that they do not think you are crazy.


3. Enjoy the sunset

Watching a sunset during your trip is simply fantastic. The same goes for stargazing. During high summer, a perfect time to find a beautiful beach and enjoy your trip when the sun goes down. A perfect addition to your trip on the beach: provide nice music to enjoy.

Trip safely in the open air

What your trip experience looks like, depends on the amount of drugs and the setting. Think carefully in advance where you are going to trip, with which drugs and with whom. In addition, it is important that you bring enough water or other sources of hydration. Snacks are also very convenient to take with you. And perhaps most importantly, make sure your phone is fully charged.

A few more practical tips for preparing for your trip:

  • Make sure you feel good and don't trip if you're in a bad mood.
  • Choose a familiar and relaxed environment. Do you want a new environment? Visit this place a few times to make it your own.
  • Prepare yourself mentally and don't trip while your head is still full of all kinds of things that happened during the day.
  • Take care, make sure that there is at least 3 to 4 hours between your last meal and your drug consumption to prevent nausea.
  • Get a trip sitter who can keep an eye on you. Read here what a tripsitter can take into account.

More tips? Read our blog about things you have to do while tripping.

What to do after your outdoor trip?

It is recommended to take the day off after your trip or not to plan important things. A trip has an influence on your thoughts and actions for one or two days. Your mind needs rest to comprehend and put things into perspective. After that, you can fully enjoy all the new experiences, discoveries, and memories that you will experience during your trip. Enjoy!