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The Big Three

The Big Three
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Truffle pack "The Big Three" for the hardcore psychonaut

This composite truffle pack is a real treat for anyone who uses and wants to use truffles. With 3 x 25 grams, you are guaranteed an extremely strong trip with three people or a mild trip with several people. A unique composition of the strongest truffles we offer. The strength is of course also due to the weight of 25 grams per package.

Which truffle species are in The Big Three?

You can tell that this is a real trip package by the name "The Big Three"! We will explain below which effects belong to which truffle species. We offer the Psilocybe Amazonia, Double Vision and the Jalisco.

Psilocybe Amazonia effects

Like the Nirwana, the Amazonia truffle belongs to the strongest truffle species. This tropical truffle has very high levels of psilocybin. Psilocybin is the active psychoactive substance in truffles. This exotic psilocybe Amazonia truffle gets its name from the Amazonian Cubensis Mushroom. It is also in this mycelium where the sclerotia develop into mature truffles full of magic and miraculous effects. This rock-solid Amazonia is a characteristically profound truffle and has strong visual, philosophical, euphoric and creative effects.

Psilocybe Double Vision effects

A unique combination of truffles that are the Double Vision truffles. Two of the strongest truffle species in the world mixed together to create a bizarrely intense trip. Clearly a truffle you choose when you are an experienced psychonaut. A truffle for the expert. The Double Vision truffles give you a bizarrely strong visual trip. The hallucinations can be called intense. You have never hallucinated like you do with the Double Vision Truffles. The Double Vision Truffles often start with a laugh kick. You simply cannot suppress your laughter, and most simple things make you laugh. A nice start to the trip.

Psilocybe Jalisco effects

The psilocybe Jalisco is a powerful new Truffle. This Jalisco Truffle is extremely suitable for users who have experience with psilocybin truffles or magic mushrooms. This new truffle has a mind-expanding effect with intense visuals. The Jalisco truffle originates from Mexico. These Jalisco Truffles are not truffles for beginners. With a strength rating of 5 stars out of 6, this is an impressive magic truffle that will provide you with lucid visions and at high doses is even capable of inducing hallucinations. The Jalisco is a true effects bomb. Mind expansion, laughter, euphoria, intensity, visuals and bright colours are just some of the effects this Jalisco can surprise you with.

What is a psilocybe truffle dose?

We have developed a wonderful dosage calculator that precisely calculates your dose. Please click on the image below:


How do I use the truffles Amazonia, Jalisco and Double Vision?

We cannot state often enough that if you are going to use truffles, do so in a familiar environment, such as your own home or that of a good friend. Do not use truffles at a party where many strangers are present, or many people are present. This can lead to overstimulation and a bad-trip. Do it at home, tidy everything up and put things ready, so you don't have to go looking for them during your trip. Put on calm music and a mattress in the living room and start your trip.

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