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There are many mushrooms that you can grow and consume. One mushroom is a lot stronger than the other. This differs per species and per amount of psilocybin present in a single mushroom. There are some types of magic mushrooms that are very strong compared to other types of magic mushrooms. These strains produce a higher level of psilocybin in the magic mushroom.

Strong mushroom strains to ingest and grow

There are many strong magic mushrooms that you can buy and choose from. These mushrooms are really only recommended to experienced psychonauts. This is because the high percentage of psilocybin in the mushrooms can induce an extreme trip.

The Treasure coast

The Treasure Coast is a magic mushroom that comes from the coast from Florida in America. Many people are enthusiastic about the effect of the magic mushrooms. The Treasure coast mushrooms are especially suitable for collective experiences, such as microdosing psilocybin.

The Mazatapec

The Mazatapec is an exotic mushroom with a rich history. These magic mushrooms were often used for spiritual and ritual use. The species are therefore named after the Mazatec people. These mushrooms have a history as mind-altering mushrooms that enhance the connection with the universe.

The Burma

The Burma is an oriental magic mushroom. It is one of the most potent magic mushrooms. They are large mushrooms with caps that can be different shades of brown. The Burma mushroom contains a lot of psilocybin!

The McKennaii

The McKennaii is also seen as a very powerful mushroom species. These magic mushrooms are also described as the philosophical magic mushroom. This means a high brain activation which contribute to deep conversations during the trip. Due to the strength of the McKennaii, it is not recommended for beginners.

The Copelandia Hawaiian

The Copelandia Hawaiian belongs to the extreme category. The magic mushrooms are known for being one of the strongest magic mushrooms in the world! The mushrooms have more magic in them than most other mushrooms. The Copelandia Hawaiian is up to 5 times stronger than other Cubensis strains. Treat this mushroom strain with respect, these are extreme potential!

Growing your own mushrooms

If you want to consume strong mushrooms, then it is recommended to start growing these yourself using a grow kit. This because you cannot legally buy these mushrooms fresh or dried. Mushrooms that grow above the ground and have a psychedelic effect are forbidden to sell fresh. Selling a grow kit is not prohibited in the Netherlands. However, truffles are not forbidden to buy fresh in the Netherlands. This is because truffles are not the fruiting body (mushroom) of the mycelium. Growing magic mushrooms is easy to do if you use a grow kit. There are many brands of grow kits that you can use to grow your own magic mushrooms. Here you can choose which type of magic mushroom you want to grow.

Cultivating magic mushrooms with a grow kit

The easiest way to grow magic mushrooms is by means of a mushroom grow kit. A grow kit contains everything you need to grow magic mushrooms. A grow kit contains a growing tray with a mycelium, a grow bag with an air filter, and a manual to grow everything. Think of good hygiene such as clean hands or gloves, always use a mouth mask when you are going to treat the grow kit. A small cough or cough can infect the grow kit. A warm place around 25 degrees is desirable for good development of the mycelium in the grow kit. Always carefully follow the instructions provided when you start growing magic mushrooms with a grow kit.

Growing magic mushrooms without a grow kit

If you are an experienced grower, you can also choose to grow magic mushrooms without a grow kit. However, you need a number of important things for this yourself. Without those supplies, it is not possible to grow magic mushrooms. It is important to keep in mind that things don't always go the way you want them to. The moment you are growing mushrooms, it can happen that it takes months before any mushrooms pop up. If it doesn't work, it can be very annoying. However, without a grow kit you run the risk of not having the ideal environment, substrate, for the mushrooms to grow well.

Tools you will need, to grow mushrooms without a grow kit, are; a spore syringe, a sterilized substrate pot, substrate with the correct ratio of perlite or vermiculite, a growth chamber or box, a timer, latex gloves, rubbing alcohol, heating, and a therm/hygrometer. The most important breeding rules to keep in mind when growing mushrooms are: light, temperature and humidity. If these are not good, you quickly run the risk that it will not be possible to get the mushrooms to grow, this also applies with a grow kit. It's therefore important to keep everything up to date. For example, it is important to maintain a rhythm for the light and to keep track of the temperature and humidity.

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