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A life full of abundance, happiness, love and success: not for you do you think? Yet it is! With the power of manifesting, you can realise your dreams, ambitions and desires. Facts. There is even a law named after it, so then it must be true. The Law of Attraction, you undoubtedly know it. But of course, it is not simply a matter of shouting that you want something and then having it thrown into your lap. You have to put a bit of work and action into it. Here we will teach you all about this amazing technique and how you can apply it in your soon-to-be happier life.

What is manifesting?

Manifesting is the gift of making your wishes and dreams come true. You do this by expressing your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It is based on the Law of Attraction: a universal law of attraction, which claims that anything that gives you focus and energy will come to you. In other words: if you really set your mind on something, you will get it. Purely by believing in it wholeheartedly.

The best-known book that uses the Law of Attraction method is The Secret. With the tricks in this book, anyone should be able to attract more happiness and positivity.

So how exactly do you manifest?

Sounds vague of course, just getting what you want by believing in it. Of course, there is a bit more to it than that. Manifesting is mainly about attention and positivity. Anything you give attention to grows. You notice this, for instance, when you are grumpy and everything seems to go wrong one day. But there are probably just as many things that do go right on that down day - but you don't pay attention to them because you focus on the negative. It works the same way in a friendship or relationship. If your friend bothers you, you start paying attention to it. And your annoyance only increases.

Manifesting revolves around the same principle. Suppose you feel lonely and want to get to know more people, better friendships or a relationship. This is very easy to manifest. Follow the steps below to get what you want in this case.

1. Visualise your goal

First, picture your goal to yourself clearly and in detail. Visualise as if you have already achieved it. Make this visualisation as clear and realistic as possible. For example, what you can do is keep a diary in the future tense. In it, write about a day in the future when you achieved what you want so badly. What does that day look like? How would you describe it if you were to tell your friends about it? Really dwell on this. Experience the emotions you would feel if you had already achieved your goal. Do you feel happy, excited, grateful, loved?

2. Affirmations

Affirmations are an important part of manifesting. These are a kind of positive mantras that help you reach your goal. Draft positive affirmations that affirm your goal and repeat them regularly. Use powerful words such as "I am worthy of finding my dream man" or "I attract love and positivity."

3. Take action

Manifesting is not just passively dreaming and then sitting back and waiting for happiness to splash you by the skirting boards. It is also important to take action to achieve your goal. So actively look for opportunities and take practical steps that will bring you closer to your goal. Meditation can help quiet your mind and clarify those action points for yourself. A vision quest is also highly recommended: this is a search for insights and answers about yourself. This is guaranteed to produce self-thought-out tools that work for you.

4. Patience and trust

The last tip we want to give you is to be patient and trust the positive outcome. Keep reminding yourself of your goal through the affirmations and read your future diary from time to time. Also, keep thinking of new ways you can achieve your goal. In other words, keep paying attention to your goal and it will grow towards you automatically! And remember: manifesting is a journey, not a final destination. Enjoy the process and share and celebrate your successes along the way.