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Most people are familiar with the vaporizer and the bong, but bubblers are not so well known. Still, it is worth getting acquainted with this device. In fact, a bubbler is small and portable and combines the features of a pipe and a bong. They are made of glass and give your smoking or vaping experience a softer twist. There are even bubblers that can be attached to your vaporizer. So it is a very versatile device! That's why in this blog you will read about what bubblers are and how to use them.

What are bubblers?

Anyone who is somewhat familiar in the world of smoking (and often if you are not) has seen a bong or bong. They are striking, usually glass devices with beautiful, elegant shapes. With a bong, you can smoke and because the smoke passes through a chamber of water, it is cooled and therefore milder. With a bubbler, you can do the same, only this is a much handier device.

A bubbler is actually a mini water pipe: portable, made of glass and here water is also used to cool down the smoke or vapour. With a bubbler you therefore also get a deliciously mild hit. And because you can take it anywhere, this of course makes it very attractive. Bubblers come in all sorts of colours and shapes. Usually, they are made of glass. Sometimes they look like small bongs, sometimes like an ordinary pipe. Bubblers are generally used for smoking cannabis. However, nowadays there are also vaporizers that incorporate a bubbler. Below, we list different types of bubblers.

Types of bubblers

Standard bubblers

Standard bubblers are smoked like an ordinary pipe. They usually don't really look the same as a pipe (mainly also because they are made of glass), but they work in much the same way. The hammer-bubbler has a flat bottom, which makes it very practical. You can put it down on a table, and the flat bottom means it won't fall over. There are also bubblers with two chambers instead of one. These can cool the smoke extra well, making it even softer.

Bubblers for vaporisers

Bubblers specifically for vaporizers can be used as an attachment for your vaporiser. Some vaporizers have an integrated bubbler so you can't remove it. A bubbler attached to the vaporizer gives an even milder vapour than if you were to use a vaporizer alone.

What are the advantages of a bubbler?

We already mentioned an advantage of the bubbler: as the smoke passes through water, it becomes softer and less pungent. So you can enjoy your cannabis or other herbs without the familiar sharpness and heat of the smoke. But a bubbler brings other advantages. The device is small and handy. You don't really want to take your fancy (and usually expensive) bong or vaporizer to a party or outing. A bubbler is much smaller, sturdier, lighter and also easy to hide in a jacket or bag. It's a lot more practical to take with you.

Unfortunately, a bubbler does not remove many of the toxins from smoke. But still, the device can filter out some of the harsh weed particles from the smoke, preventing them from entering your throat and lungs. Besides, a bubbler is easy to use. You fill it with water, put in the herbs or weed (or attach it to your vaporizer) and enjoy smoking. Many people also think the devices look nice. Yet another reason to go for a bubbler.

Do bubblers have any drawbacks?

Besides advantages, bubblers unfortunately also have some drawbacks. One of the main ones is that they are made of glass. Although they are quite sturdy, there is always the risk that the device can break. This can happen under too much pressure. If you want to take your bubbler with you, it is wise to use a good protective case.

A second disadvantage applies to bubblers that can be linked to a vaporizer. If you want one for your device, you will have to find one that fits your specific vaporizer, paying attention to variant and model. As a final drawback, bubblers need to be filled with water. So on the road, you need to make sure you have water with you before you can use your bubbler.

How do they work?

Bubblers are basically a miniature version of a bong. So they also work the same way. A bubbler has a small chamber that holds water. There is a bowl with herbs (often cannabis), a stem and a mouthpiece. When you take a puff, the smoke is drawn from the bowl to the chamber with the water, and from there it enters your mouth through the stem. The water is then cooled, allowing you to enjoy milder smoke.

Are you now interested in buying a bubbler or a vaporizer? At 24high, you will find a wide range of bubblers from different brands, both loose bubblers and bubblers for vaporizers. They are available in different prices, so there is a bubbler for everyone.