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Do you want to buy a Tsunami vaporizer? Then you are in the right place with the online vaporizer webshop 24High. You cannot buy the Tsunami vaporizer online everywhere and that is why we are so happy that we can offer you this vaporizer directly from the Netherlands.


Buy Tsunami vaporizer online

Buying a vaporizer today is done simply online, like so many other products. Unfortunately, the number of suppliers of Tsunami vaporizers in the Netherlands is not that big yet. This while these are real quality products. It is therefore expected that you will soon find these kinds of evaporators in other webshops.


The company behind Tsunami

The Odyssey Group Outlet is the company that supplies many smartshops and headshops in America with various products. This wholesaler was founded in 2011 by parent company, S&E Distributors Inc. They also supply vaporizers to smoke shops, pharmacists, and other vaporizer shops looking for top-quality smoking products, among others. Tsunami sells portable, as well as pen vaporizers, both very convenient to bring with you where you go.


S&E Distributors Inc. was founded to meet the market demand for premium electronic cigarettes and vapour products. The market needed a premium vaporizer and that is what Tsunami manufactures. They stand out for their appearance and quality. The head office is located in the city of Troy, Michigan. Besides regular ones, we also offer disposable vaporizers. These can be thrown away after use.

The genesis of S&E Distributors Inc.

These vaporizers are developed by S & E Distributors Inc. It was founded as a premium electronic cigarette brand. Over the years, Tsunami has expanded to include a wide range of products and accessories, including e-liquids, glass bongs and vaporizers. Tsunami vaporizers immediately became very popular and are often ordered by our guests.

Ordering vaporizers online at 24High

Since these evaporators are made in America, ordering these products can cause a long delivery time. Therefore, it is nice to order Tsunami products from a local webshop in the Netherlands. At 24High, we offer the Tsunami, as well as flame vaporizers. Shipping is fast and discreet. We make sure you can quickly experience the quality of our evaporators at home without the postman knowing what you have ordered.