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Do you want to buy a weed scale or scale to weigh gold? Then you are in the right place in our online headshop. We have a wide range of digital scales that are very suitable for weighing weed. Buy your digital scale online in our webshop.


Weigh your weed on a weed scale!

Are you full of pride after harvesting your legal number of cannabis plants? Then, many people also become curious about the weight of their cannabis yield. That's why they like to weigh their weed on a weed scale before putting it in a grip bag. You use a digital scale for this because it can indicate exactly how much weed you have harvested.

Can you weigh hallucinating herbs on a scale?

Weighing weed on a scale is done on a digital scale, but what about hallucinatory herbs? As a psychonaut you can also easily weigh hallucinating herbs on a digital scale. Such as, for example, dried mushrooms or cannabis for microdosing. This applies to all types of herbs that you want to weigh. So don't just think of weed or hash, but also of other medicinal herbs or hallucinatory herbs. This with the aim of weighing legal smart drugs as a user so that you do not accidentally take too many smart drugs.

weighing herbs

What are the advantages of a digital scale?

There are various scales available on the market. The digital scale is popular for weighing soft drugs such as weed and hash. This is because digital scales can indicate exactly what the weight is. This is very important with weed. As a customer who buys weed in a coffee shop, you naturally want to be able to check whether you have received the correct number of grams of weed when purchasing. The same naturally applies to the selling party, like the Dutch coffee shop. You don't want too much weed in the grip bags stop because that will cost your profit, but you don't want to put in too little because that will lead to dissatisfied customers. But also for determining the right dose in your bong it is useful to have a scale at home. To measure is to know, and for that you use a digital scale.

Why weighing weed and herbs is so important?

Besides the importance of the correct weight of weed when buying or selling it, there is another reason why you want to weigh exactly how much weed or herbs you have in your hands. For example, some hallucinogenic herbs are very strong. You therefore want to weigh these herbs exactly and keep them airtight stored so that it stays fresh, and you don't get too much of it. Some digital scales even allow you to weigh accurately to 0.01 grams. But of course also higher weights such as 400 grams.

Which scales do we sell?

We offer three types of scales, namely the mini, pocket, and Table scales. We will describe these below so that you can get an idea which scale suits you best. For example, if you often want to take a scale with you, a table scale is not the right scale for you. In order to inform yourself as well as possible, we ask you to carefully read the descriptions below.

Pocket scales for convenience

In many cases, it is useful to always have your scale at hand. However, the size of the digital scale is not exactly suitable for carrying in your jacket pocket. That is why special pocket scales have been developed, also known as pocket scales, mini scales or table scales. These offer you all the advantages of a digital scale, but also offer you the advantage of taking your scale with you in your pocket. This little pocket scales, so you simply take it with you to the coffee shop to weigh whether what you are buying matches what is being said.

A precision scale for small amounts?

Buying a precision scale is basically the same as buying a cannabis scale. After all, they all have to do the same thing. They all have to weigh very accurately and make sure you can weigh even after the decimal point. The weight is indeed important. Therefore, opt for a precision scale and from now on measure accurately to 0.001 gram, or 1 milligram. Precision scales are also known as laboratory scales and platform scales. These scales are ideal for weighing a microdosis capsule.

Table scales for more weight

If you want to weigh larger weights, choose a table scale. These scales are a size larger than the pocket scales, but not without reason. With a table scale you can weigh a higher weight than with a pocket scale. The table scale owes this name to the fact that you would rather leave it on the table than take it with you on the road.

Different brands of digital scales

There are many brands of scales. The most popular in our range is the On Balance scale. The On Balance sacles are known for their quality and have been for many years. The company behind the On Balance scales has been around for over 50 years and is called Marsden. We also frequently sell Myco scales and My Weigh scales.

Which digital scale should you buy?

As it is with so many things in the world, there is no single digital scale that suits everyone best. Everyone has their own wishes and needs. If you want to weigh leaves, you can choose a scale that weighs exactly 0.1 grams. Does it concern extracts and powders then it is better to opt for digital scales that weigh down to 0.01 grams. And if you prefer to always have your scale with you, then choose a pocket scale.

Buy a digital scale online!

When you buy a digital scale in our headshop you are at the right place. We have a wide range of digital scales so that you can always find the right scale. Whether you want a weed if you want to buy a scale or a scale to weigh gold you can order them online in our webshop. We will ship your scale safely packed to you. We always do this in a discreet and fast way. This way you have the convenience of shopping at home, and you still have your digital scale at home quickly.