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Smoking Accessories

Where do you buy long rolling papers and tips? You do that in our online headshop. We sell long rolling paper with taste and without taste. You can order this per piece, but you can also order a box of long rolling paper in our webshop.


Meer artikelen laden

Meer artikelen laden

What is long paper?

Long paper is a piece of paper with an adhesive edge. In this you can place tobacco or, for example, tobacco in combination with weed or hash. You can then close this and lick the adhesive edge so that it remains closed as soon as you release it. Rolling paper are widely used for rolling shag cigarette and joints. The long paper is a bit longer than the other papers.

Buy long papers or other smoking supplies

Buying long rolling papers is a simple operation. You can order these on the internet. Choose the brand of rolling paper that suits you, for example the brands Smoking, Greengo or Flamez, and order it in the webshop. As soon as your order arrives at us, we will send it your way as soon as possible. We don't want you to run out of rolling papers. A handy backup plan if you run out of papers is to purchase a pipe.

Where can you get long rolling papers, tip and buy a grinder?

When I was young, I bought long rolling papers at the gas station or sometimes in the supermarket. Now with the internet you can use long paper grinder or buy tips online. That makes it a lot easier because cycling to the gas station in winter was no fun. You can buy long rolling papers individually or in a whole box. Handy when you need a stock and considerably cheaper. To roll a joint you also require a tip or filter. You can also order these in our webshop.

Long rolling papers with taste

The world is continuously developing and the producers of rolling papers are not standing still either. Long rolling papers with taste are now also available on the market. This gives your joint a new dimension. There are different kinds of flavors that you can choose from. You can choose strawberry or coconut flavour.

Durable rolling papers

Are you environmentally conscious? Then choose Greengo long rolling paper. It is made from FSC approved pulp. Even the packaging of the rolling papers is made from recycled paper. This long rolling paper is therefore better for the environment, and we also think that is important. That's why you can buy Greengo rolling papers in our webshop.

Buy a box of rolling papers

If you smoke weed regularly, we advise you to think carefully about the long rolling paper you buy. Do you buy a pack of long rolling papers separately, or would you rather buy a box of long rolling papers? If you calculate it, it is wiser to buy a box of long rolling paper once than a separate package each time. You save a lot of euros that you can better spend on other things. By the way, you can also buy a box of rolling papers with your friends and save some money.

Buy a joint roller

Are you a novice smoker? Then it can sometimes be difficult to roll a joint. If rolling your joint fails time and again, it can be quite frustrating. A joint roller makes rolling a joint so easy that anyone can do it. Buying a joint roller is therefore a sensible purchase for people who are not yet very good at rolling a joint. Also, a stash-can are handy to store your cannabis or other herbs.

Rolling tray a must-have for every cannabis user

A rolling tray is a kind of carrying tray on which you can roll a joint or cigarette.  These are highly sought after among cannabis users!

Other ways to smoke herbs or cannabis

In addition to rolling a joint with long rolling paper, there are other products that you can use to achieve this. You have pipes, bongs, and even shishas are used for this.

Order long rolling paper

Which long rolling paper, lighter or cone, whatever you are looking for, we can help you. Order your rolling paper now in the online headshop, and we'll make sure you get it delivered quickly. The same, of course, applies to buying tips or a joint roller. Naturally, all rolling papers are of the highest possible quality. In addition, we also sell books about growing cannabis and magic mushrooms.