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CBD Paste


What is a CBD-paste?

With CBD-paste, you have a unique nutritional supplement in your hands. The CBD-paste is also known as cannabidiol paste and has a healing effect. The advantage of CBD-paste is that it can contain up to 60% pure cannabidiol. CBD-paste comes from the hemp plant. Although the hemp plant is mainly known for the products of cannabis raw materials, it also produces other substances. Weed and the psychoactive substances that come from the hemp plant fall under the substance THC. Cannabidiol, known as CBD, is a completely different ingredient. This means that you will not experience an intoxicating effect from the use of CBD. It won't get you high or stoned. You therefore only use CBD for the healing powers and not for the recreational pleasure of the intoxicating effect.

Why CBD-paste is good for you?

CBD-paste is made from 100% natural products and grown organically. With the 60% pure value of cannabidiol, it is purer than CBD oil. There are indications that CBD-paste can have a positive effect on Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, epilepsy and depressive complaints. This is partly because cannabidiol stimulates and activates the nervous system. By the way, you can also use CBD-paste for something less invasive, such as fungus.

Where does CBD-paste come from, and what is the dosage?

The production of CBD paste, CBD oil and many other CBD products are complete organic and is done by certified companies in Europe. This production is natural and is carried out with the utmost care. The entire process takes place without heating the cannabidiol. In this way, the medicinal components of the cannabidiol are best guaranteed.

Dosage of CBD-paste

Using CBD-paste is quite simple. You place the CBD-paste under your tongue and let it melt. The paste is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream through the mucous membranes in your mouth. Start with 0.5 milliliters of CBD paste to see how your body reacts to the cannabidiol. Depending on the effect, you can determine the next day whether you increase, decrease or keep the dose the same. However, try to take small steps when adjusting your cannabidiol dose. Always read the information on the product itself when purchasing CBD paste. Do you want to ingest CBD in a simple way and at any time? Then the CBD edibles might be an option for you!

Can you use CBD-paste as an ointment?

In addition to being able to use this product for oral intake, you can also use it to lubricate your body. This is for combating skin problems or purely for the care of the skin. It is best to dilute the CBD paste for this.

Dilute CBD-paste

If you want to use CBD-paste on your skin, we recommend diluting the cannabidiol paste. You use a vegetable oil for this. There are several options, but we really prefer hemp seed oil. This not only makes the CBD-paste thinner so that you can apply it better, but it is also full of valuable fatty acids. In addition to the CBD paste, these omegas 3 and omega 6 fatty acids help your skin to fight free radicals. When you dilute CBD-paste with hemp seed oil, you have a skin cream full of antioxidants. This will do your skin good. However, be aware that this mixture can stain your clothes. It is a possibility to prevent this with the use of a plaster. However, the question is whether it is not better to use ready-to-use CBD skin cream for this.

What is the difference between CBD-paste and oil?

The most popular form of cannabidiol use is CBD oil. This form is good and easy to use in small quantities. Cannabidiol paste, however, comes from a syringe and is easier if you want to take larger amounts of cannabidiol. That is why CBD oil is better suited for disease prevention and staying healthy. With this paste you can easily take larger amounts and therefore it is more suitable for fighting disease. Cannabidiol paste is recommended if you suffer from major discomfort.

Where CBD oil is thin and easy to drip with a pipette, CBD paste is thicker in substance. This syrupy version of CBD therefore contains more cannabidiol than CBD oil. Therefore, the dosage between oil and paste is different. If you find both products a bit too intense, you can always start with a CBD tea.

How do you store CBD-paste safely?

To be able to enjoy your canna paste for a longer period of time, you must store it correctly. To do this, keep the CBD paste in the refrigerator. However, this is not sufficient. Also make sure that the CBD paste comes into contact with light as little as possible.

Buy your CBD-paste here online!

Buying cannabidiol paste or hash is easy online. You can easily and quickly order CBD paste in the 24High webshop. We deliver it directly to your home address in a discreet manner. Buying cannabidiol paste has never been so easy.