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Brands - Landracer

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Landracer high quality products

Landracer believes in the effect of the hemp plant and fully respects it. They own and manage industrial hemp fields in Italy themselves and Spain. This means that they have total control over their production process, from the beginning (seed) to the end phase (CBD products). With this all-in production process and strict supervision, they guarantee the high quality of Landracer cannabidiol products. Quality is of high importance to Landracer and also to all other brands of CBD producers that we offer, such as Pharmahemp!

Buy delicious CBD tea from the Landracer brand?

The love and passion Landracer CBD (cannabidiol) stands for is reflected in a wonderful range of various CBD products. Let's start with the amazing cannabidiol tea production line. Landracer takes the CBD market by storm with 4 different cannabidiol teas such as Sleepwell, Detox, Wake Up and Hemp! Below you can see a short description of these products. Are you not looking for tea but a pure CBD oil? Then plant-of-life or one of our other brands of CBD oil might be an option for you.

Tea Sleepwell 

This Sleepwell herb drink contains a healthy blend of various herbs and cannabidiol (CBD). Herbs such as valerian, chamomile, lemon balm combined with cannabidiol help you relax mentally and physically. Sleepwell tea makes it easier to fall asleep! Sleepwell!

Tea Hemp 

The Hemp tea contains no less than 9 essential amino acids that the body cannot produce itself. The hemp is also rich in omega-6 and cannabidiol! Both are plant-specific substances! The hemp tea can therefore reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease!

Tea Wake up 

Wake up is a green tea with turmeric, ginger and no less than 10% CBD! This unique combination has a positive effect on the brain, heart and blood vessels. Wake up can help restore your day-and-night rhythm. Energy regulation will make you feel fitter in the morning and throughout the day! Wake up for a quick start to the day!

Tea Detox 

Landracer Detox tea promotes digestion and helps to remove harmful substances through a great mix of herbs and spices in combination with Cannabidiol! Give the body a good Detox session with this delicious Landracer tea with herbs such as turmeric and licorice! Detox with a cup of tea is simple and very healthy!

thee landracer

In addition to CBD tea, Landracer also offers 3 lines of cannabidiol oil:

Landracer has good CBD oil, but unfortunately we don't offer it often due to delivery problems. Therefore, you will not see them in our range. We sell very good CBD oil from the brands Plant-of-life, Hempcare and Pharmahemp. Below you will find information about Landracer products.

CBD Oil Care Series

The low percentages of CBD (1.25%, 2.5%, and 5%) make this CBD oil series perfect for the novice cannabidiol user. A subtle taste and effect is the result of this new formula. The Care series uses 100% organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil.

CBD oil C-series

What distinguishes the C-series from the Care and Premium series is that it is made with MCT oil (medium-chain trygicileride) extracted from 100% organic coconut oil.</ p>

CBD Premium Series

This Landracer CBD oil carries the company's flag. An excellent CBD oil of the highest quality! This cannabidiol is extracted from the flowers and leaves of 100% organic hemp! The powerful effect of this oil already starts at 3.5%, this is due to the high purity of cannabidiol. The cannabidiol is mixed with 100% organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil. Of course Landracer has several separate products with CBD such as honey or tea, these are also very beneficial for health!

Landracer Labs and cannabidiol Test Results

Transparency in the processes and the in-house management of hemp fields enables Landracer to become the largest producer of cannabidiol products such as Sleepwell, Detox, Wake Up and hemp tea! All Landracer cannabidiol products have been tested multiple times at many independent labs! Are you looking for some other CBD products? See the Plant-of-life range!