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Brands - Pharmahemp

Pharmahemp is a respected company because of the innovative way they apply for obtaining CBD. Pharmahemp uses a certain CO2 (carbonic acid) method. This method works with high pressure and low temperatures and is essential to extract and protect the cannabinoids.


Extraction method Pharmahemp

Pharmahemp is a respected company for the innovative way they use to obtain CBD. Pharmahemp uses a specific co2 (carbon dioxide) method. This method works with high pressure and low temperatures. These are essential to unpack and protect the cannabinoids.

With advanced machines, Pharmahemp freezes the co2 gas to a temperature of -56.1 degrees. This changes carbon dioxide into a solid, also known as dry ice. During this process, pressure is released that is regulated. The pressure released at -56.1 degrees is about 5 bar which is enough to start the cannabis extraction. Other CBD manufacturers use these highly effective and unique way to filter CBD to ensure high quality!

Pharmahemp labs

These kinds of complicated processes can only be realized by using very complex and very expensive equipment that is often only set up in laboratories. In order to meet the high quality standards and certificates for the production of A-class quality Cannabidiol products, Pharmahemp uses these kinds of laboratories. All Pharmahemp CBD products have been tested several times in different and independent laboratories and have passed with excellent results. 

Pharmahemp CBD-oil is the perfect choice for a first introduction to Cannabidiol 

We offer Pharmahemp a unique and very pure CBD-oil with 5% CBD with turmeric and black pepper! This unique Pharmahemp blend of substances work together to strengthen the resistance and fight certain viruses and fungi in the body. The CBD content in this oil is very suitable to start with CBD for the first time! In short, the Pharmahemp Kurkuma CBD is a unique product and very suitable for beginners!


CBD-oil Hempcare a good alternative to Pharmahemp CBD-oil

Hempcare offers a great range of CBD-oil developed according to the latest technology. CBD Hempcare Raw is a mix  is top quality! Hempcare CBD RAW is a Full Spectrum CBD-oil! Full Spectrum means all substances from the hemp plant are present. Of course, they have extra filtered the substance THC so that you do not get stoned or high while using a CBD-oil. Cannabidiol can bring many benefits to the mind and body! See below what CBD could help with.

  • Tension headache

  • Sleep problems

  • ADHD

  • Asthma

  • Migraines

  • Muscle cramps

  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)

  • Rheumatism

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic pain

CBD kurkuma Pharmahemp

Do you prefer tea with CBD?

Many of our guests don't think CBD tastes great, but they do want to get the positive effects of Cannabidiol. Especially for this group, we offer 4 wonderful herbal teas with Cannabidiol. Landracer tea stands for quality and offers the following teas:

Looking for CBD for vaporizers?

Plant-of-Life also thinks of the crowd that would like to vape their cannabidiol in a purer and pure way than vaping weed with a high Cannabidiol content. With the CBD-crystals from Plant-of-Life you have super pure and excellent quality Cannabidiol.