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CBD Vaporizers

The healing powers of CBD are so special that many people also want to use them in their vaporizers and e-cigarettes. Research shows that by evaporating CBD it can be even more effective. However, not every vaporizer is suitable for evaporating CBD. To do this, you need to choose the right CBD product and make sure your vaporizer or e-cigarette is suitable.


Benefits of CBD for vaporizers

The advantage of using CBD or cannabidiol via a vaporizer is that you can easily enjoy CBD on the go. Research shows that cannabidiol is absorbed even better when you vaporize it via a vaporizer. Vaporizing cannabidiol via a vaporizer is also healthy and discreet. Vaporizers do not use harmful substances such as tar and thus give you clean vapor or air. 

CBD products for vaporizers 

To ingest cannabidiol via a vaporizer, you naturally need the right CBD products. For example, you can't just pour your CBD-oil into your vaporizer. You do use CBD crystals for that.

Vape Kush Pen

For example, you can use it to ingest cannabidiol via a Kush Vape pen. These Vape pens do not contain nicotine and therefore ensure that you receive cannabidiol in a healthy way. This way you can take CBD anytime and anywhere without your environment noticing that you are using cannabidiol. The advantage of this Vape pen is that the CBD enters your bloodstream almost immediately. As a result, you notice the effects of CBD many times faster.


To use cannabidiol in a vaporizer it is best to work with CBD-crystals. You can only use these crystals if your vaporizer has an oil can. It is quite simple, by the way, place your cannabidiol crystals in it and heat it to the desired temperature. And just vape. It can be that simple. 

Do CBD products contain THC?

It is important to realize that you are not ingesting THC when using CBD-products. So you will not get high, stoned or otherwise intoxicated. These are there to focus purely on the intake of CBD. The same goes for cannabidiol crystals that you use in your vaporizer.

What is the ideal temperature to vape CBD-crystals with a vaporizer?

When you are going to vaporize cannabidiol with a vaporizer, it is important that you maintain the right temperature. You do want to evaporate the CBD-crystals and not burn them. Our advice is to maintain a temperature of 165 degrees for evaporating CBD crystals in your vaporizer. Of course, if vaping isn't for you, you could also consider CBD-edibles. This is an easy way to get CBD.

How do you use CBD-products such as a Vape Kush pen?

Using a CBD is very simple. You can consume most cannabidiol products right away. Using a Vape pen is very simple. When you use the Vape kush pen, the Cannabidiol will evaporate and enter the lungs. As a result, it quickly enters your bloodstream, and therefore you notice the effects of cannabidiol use faster. Who offer many different brands-CBD, each with their specific effects!

Is CBD vaporizing safe?

Vaporizing your CBD is completely safe. For example, no nicotine and no tar is added to the crystals. So you can safely vape cannabidiol without having to worry about ingesting harmful substances. And cannabidiol is 100% legal, even when you use the crystals in your vaporizer.

Buy CBD crystals and vaporizers

You buy yours online. In the 24High webshop we can provide you with various solutions for vaping cannabidiol. You can order online, but you can also buy crystals that you can use for your vaporizer. All CBD-products are shipped within 24 hours at 24High and always delivered to your home in a discreet box. You can buy vaporizer products from us from the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, England, Germany, France, Italy and many other countries in Europe. Always discreet and fast shipping.