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Fan of cannabis in any form? Whether you're an avid blower, love edibles or just stick to growing weed: 4:20 lifestyle apparel suits you! Not familiar with the term "4:20"? Let us enlighten you... This is a synonym for using cannabis, especially smoking a joint. There is even a real holiday created to dedicate ourselves completely to this way of life. Because a lifestyle is cannabis or 4:20 by now, and of course that includes clothes. Not just to show that you are a cannabis fan, but also to simply look cool (or sit or lie down, of course). Read more about our range of 4:20 friendly lifestyle clothing here.

Our range of 4:20 lifestyle clothing


Let's start at the top: with your head. Whether you go out on a typical rainy Dutch day, to the shop or on a sun holiday: a cap is always a handy accessory. Firstly, it offers excellent protection from the sun. It keeps your head cool and prevents burning. During a rainstorm, a cap protects you from those irritating drops in your eyes. So a cap is the ultimate lifehack if you want to run in the rain. And what is cooler than running with a 4:20 cap?

In our shop, you will find all kinds of caps to suit your style and mood. All our caps are so-called trucker caps by Lauren Rose. This brand specialises in 4:20 caps. These have subtle and not so subtle designs. Some, for example, refer to White Widow and other cannabis varieties. Your non-blowing family will look at your cap admiringly and especially unsuspectingly, without knowing it is 4:20 lifestyle clothing.

Weed socks

Socks are worn by everyone. But expressing something with them is another! Don't go for always, but those boring black socks, but our 4:20 approved socks. That way, not only will you literally look fashionable, but you will also show off your favourite leisure activity. Go for long socks with the clear cannabis logo on them, cheerful socks with rasta colours or ankle socks. The latter come in handy when you don't feel like sharing your hobbies with the world.

Don't forget your 4:20 accessories

Besides 4:20 lifestyle clothes, you will also find accessories to express your identity. Here are a few tips to complete your 4:20 style.


Every serious blow fanatic needs a good grinder. Are you a nature lover? Then consider wooden grinders. Ever used a credit card grinder? This flat grinder is user-friendly because you don't have to twist it. So there is little force involved in crumbling your weed.


A second absolute must among smoking accessories is, of course, a lighter. A nice lighter can instantly lift your mood. And, of course, you express yourself and your identity with it. Is weed your number 1? Then surprise yourself with our Clipper lighter with colourful Tribal Weed theme. Are you one of those people whose lighter flame often blows out? Our tip: a storm lighter! With this lighter, you can literally light your smokes in all weathers. And we wouldn't love ourselves if we didn't sell a 24High lighter. If you're a fan of ours, then this is the ultimate accessory for you.

Long rolling papers and tips

Long rolling papers are also an indispensable part of your 4:20 lifestyle. In our shop, you will find rolling papers in all shapes and sizes, colours and flavours. Roll a pink joint with the special edition of Mascot Slim: Pink Edition! Papers on a roll are also possible, with banana flavour, for instance. Are you a bulk consumer? Then go for one of our 24-pack boxes, such as Greengo's King Size Box.

You can even spice up a joint with tips. With our green, red and yellow rap tips, you can roll a real joint.

Check out our category: 4:20 lifestyle clothing

In the 24High category department 4:20 you will find various approved lifestyle clothing and accessories. Like our caps! The 4:20 lifestyle is unique and especially suitable for real cannabis users.