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Everything you want to know about the 4-day Psychedelic Experience Festival 2023 in Germany!

Do you feel like celebrating life? To escape from everyday life for a few days and enjoy beautiful visuals in good company? Then let yourself be surprised and carried away by the good vibes of the 4-day Psychedelic Experience Festival in Germany! We would like to give you all the practical information you want to know and tell you why a psytrance festival is worth attending.

Practical information

The festival officially starts on Thursday 1 June 2023, but you are already welcome to pitch your tent on the camping area on Wednesday 31 May 2023. Please remember to clean up your own waste. A neat and clean environment is very important to fully enjoy the higher vibes.

The festival will continue for four epic days, ending on Sunday, June 4, 2023. There are food trucks all over the festival site and at the campsite you can enjoy a hot shower after a long night of dancing. The festival's motto is; a feast for everyone. You will therefore find all kinds of food (vegetarian, vegan etc.) and the festival has also been made accessible for disabled people.

What does the festival cost?

Ticket prices vary from day to day. So your total price depends on how long you want to stay:

Ticket prices at the door:

  • Wednesday 31 May from 20:00 | €165
  • Friday 2 June 2023 from 20:00| €135
  • Saturday 3 June 2023 from 20:00 | €95
  • Sunday 4 June 2023 from 10:00 (last day) | €55

Early bird tickets are a lot cheaper, but then you really should have been there last summer (August 2022). But not to worry, you will still receive early bird discounts until the end of May 2023. On top of the ticket price comes a €5 deposit for returning your rubbish. Everyone gets a rubbish bag upon entry, and it must be at least partially filled to get your €5 back.

How do I get there?

Let's face it, it's quite a bit of a drive. From Amsterdam, it's about 615 km and from Brussels 733 km. Still, that shouldn't spoil the fun! In fact, you can just reach the festival via public transport:

  • By the GoaExpress (bus) from a point in Germany

The organisers have arranged buses, so you can get in the mood during the trip with good music and get to know your fellow festival-goers. These buses leave from different points in Germany. Where exactly they pass by and pick people up can be read in the itinerary on the website.

  • By train

If you go by train, get off at Lübz/Parchim station in Germany. The festival organisers have set up a shuttle service that will drop you and your friends off directly at the festival site in 10 minutes. From then on, the party can really start!

Why you should not miss Psychedelic Experience Festival 2023

For four whole days, you can enjoy different experiences that challenge all your senses:

  • Dance until the late hours to the amazing line-up full of international artists.
  • Relax in the Ambient Garden.
  • Be transported to higher realms by the top-class decors and fantastic light shows.

Want to enjoy all the beauty even more intensely? A light dose of magic mushrooms or truffles will do well at a psytrance festival.

Exactly what the festival will bring you remains to be seen, but one thing is certain; sleep deprivation. So plan the timing carefully and make sure you can relax. The festival venue is known for its beautiful lakes and wide variety of outdoor options. After the festival, stick a few more days to your holiday and clear your head in nature. Go swimming, mountain biking, hiking or just relax in the grass.

The origins of psytrance

The whole music genre "psytrance" can be traced back to the discovery of psychedelics. In the 1960s, people could fully enjoy psychedelic drugs. Under the influence, people danced for hours to a certain type of music, which was later labelled psychedelic rock and psytrance. These genres were inspired by the use of psychedelic substances, such as magic mushrooms and magic truffles. No wonder these substances are popular during psytrance parties.

Why attend a psytrance festival?

At a psytrance festival, you can really escape from serious, everyday life. It's all about enjoying and experiencing the moment together with valuable company. You do and wear what you feel like at that moment and what you feel comfortable with. Everyone comes to relax, and you can really see it as a reset. Despite the lack of sleep during a festival, you feel mentally refreshed and you and your friends have made memories for life!

So don't wait any longer and order your tickets for Psychedelic Experience Festival 2023 in Germany!