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The Lion's Mane is a beautiful mushroom to look at. It has an imposing white-yellow bunch of lion's mane from which it gets its name. Just as imposing as its appearance is its action. In fact, this fungus could give you the focus, concentration and memory of a lion with nerves of steel! Time to give this mushroom a little more attention.

About the Lion's Mane

The official name for Lion's Mane is Hericium Erinaceus. Erinaceus means 'hedgehog' and refers to the mushroom's long spines or mane. In the Netherlands, we know it better as the 'wig mushroom'. It is a parasitic fungus and uses a host to grow on. It itself has a beautiful cream colour and consists of a full bunch of strands reminiscent of the lion's mane.

Originally, the wig mushroom comes from North America, Europe and Asia. Only in Europe, you will hardly find them in the forests. In the Netherlands and Belgium, the bush mushroom is even an endangered species and - if you come across one at all - you are not allowed to pick one.

The wig mushroom is sometimes sold under the name Pom Pom Blanc or under the names bearded hedgehog mushroom and Affenkopfpilz. Still other names are Japanese mountain priest, Yamabushitake and hedgehog mushroom. In all cases, the mushroom in question is the Lion's Mane mushroom.

Traditional use

The wig mushroom has been used for years in Japan and China as a culinary delicacy. It is said to taste like lobster or crab. In any case, it has a pleasant, sweet taste and is therefore very popular. In Europe, we are just not that familiar with preparing this fungus yet. We more often use the mushroom, shiitake, portobello or oyster mushroom. But since the Lion's Mane hardly grows in Europe, this is probably not going to change either. In any case, for if you are ever in one of these countries, it is fun to taste.

Lion's Mane: the medicinal mushroom

The wig mushroom or Lion's Mane is a medicinal mushroom widely used to promote brain and nerve health. It stimulates cognitive functions such as memory and the concentration of nerve cells and neurons. It is also called a Nootropic: a substance that has a positive effect on the brain and improves cognitive functions. An extraordinary mushroom, then!

Effects of the medicinal mushroom

The medicinal Lion's Mane has particularly many good and demonstrable effects. The wig mushroom is especially praised for its positive effects on the brain. For example, several studies show that its use contributes to:

  • The relief of anxious feelings and depression by restoring the Hippocampus (part in your brain). The better it performs, the better you remember things and experience life.
  • Helps increase resilience to stress by balancing nervous and hormonal systems.
  • Improves your mood and focus.
  • It is also good for your skin: it contains antioxidants and polysaccharides that have anti-ageing effects and increase collagen levels.

How do you use Lion's Mane?

You can use the medicinal mushroom in several ways. For instance, you can buy Lion's Mane in capsules, liquid, tablets or powder form. The dosage of each variant may vary. So always follow the instructions provided. For if you are taking medication, it is advisable to consult your doctor first about using the wig mushroom.

Depending on which form you buy, you can add the wig mushroom to different types of food and drinks. It goes well with both sweet and savoury. Through soup, oatmeal, yoghurt, smoothies, you name it. When combined with healthy fats like olive oil, nuts or avocado, it helps the absorption of the ingredients.

If you get your hands on them fresh, it is important to cook them first to release the active substances. This is because there is a so-called chitin cell wall around them that absorbs only when heated. You can also fry it along with a dish, just as you do with mushrooms. For an even stronger effect, you can also combine the mushroom with Chaga or Reishi, for instance.

Buy Lion's Mane

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