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A good balance between body and mind, you hear it more and more. With our current lifestyle, we are increasingly creating or ending up in stressful situations. We push our own limits and always want to perform as well as possible. On top of that, we are often only used to turning outwards. But a good balance between body and mind - inside and outside - is very important. And this does not have to be woolly at all; even the more down-to-earth Dutch people can find balance in a practical way.

Why balance between body and mind is so important

We often forget to think about it - the balance between body and mind. The two are inextricably linked, yet we often ignore the complaints that the body or mind gives off. Think of stress or physical complaints. Often under the motto 'don't nag, but continue', and because of this we lose the balance between body and mind.

We only take action when we are mentally as well as physically deteriorating and the complaints increase. Sometimes until we are out of action. And only then do we try to bring our body and mind back into balance. But you can avoid these problems by listening to your body and mind even when you are in a 'normal' state.

yoga pose

How do I bring balance to my body and mind?

To bring your body and mind into balance, it is important that you focus on the here-and-now. Do not worry about what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow: you live today. You put your worries of yesterday and tomorrow aside and this allows you to focus better on the now. This gives you more peace and therefore you can enjoy the day better and more. No more "don't nag, but go on", but "Carpe Diem" - or seize the day.

There are different ways to find a good balance between mind and body. One age-old method that has become very popular in the Netherlands in recent years is yoga. It helps you to put aside your worries of yesterday and tomorrow and live in the now for a better balance.

yoga bow

Why yoga for balance?

Yoga can help you to get your body and mind in balance. It has many positive effects on both physical and mental discomforts. During a yoga session, the aim is to clear your head through meditation, relaxation, correct breathing and other exercises. You learn to listen to your body and mind, which makes you feel more energetic, calmer and more at ease.

By taking regular yoga classes, you will notice that your body becomes more supple and that tensions decrease. Your mind becomes calmer, and you are better able to turn off your thoughts. Within yoga, there are specific styles of yoga that are good for balancing your body and mind. You can think of yin yoga, Hatha yoga and restorative yoga.

Yin yoga

Yin yoga is a very quiet style of yoga that focuses on strengthening and loosening connective tissue and joints. The yoga exercises often need to be held for several minutes to stretch deep muscles and loosen the pelvic area. This ensures that your awareness is focused on your body.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is one of the first yoga styles and a true classic. Hatha means the sun and the moon, whereby the sun stands for action and the moon for internalisation. In Hatha Yoga, these two opposing energies come together by moving your concentration and breath to and focusing on points in the body. This form of yoga consists of a series of exercises that make you aware of who you are and how you are put together.

Restorative Yoga

The name says it all: restorative yoga. A style of yoga that appeals to the self-healing capacity of your body. It shows you that your body can do much more than you think, only you have to give it the rest and practice it needs. You adopt a posture for a longer period of time to become aware of your body. You also focus on your breathing, which makes it very meditative.


Tools for balancing body and mind

Besides yoga, there are other ways to balance your body and mind. This doesn't necessarily have to be yoga, but it can also be another sport that calms you down or helps you release your emotions. For one person this may be an evening workout at the gym, for another a nice evening walk.

There are also various aids available that can help you to relax. Adding supplements and vitamins to your daily diet can also help balance your body and mind. Another product that can help is CBD (Cannabidiol). This provides more inner peace, promotes sleep and reduces stress.