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Magic truffles come in all kinds and variants. They are the cousins ​​of the magic mushrooms and, unlike the magic mushrooms, can be used completely legally in the Netherlands. Just like magic mushrooms, the magic truffles contain the active ingredient psilocybin, which provides psychedelic effects. In this article, we list the different types for you: from the strongest magic truffles for an intense trip, to the milder truffles for a somewhat quieter trip.

1.   Double Vision Truffles

The Double Vision Truffle is the most powerful and intense magic truffle you can buy. These truffles are a combination of the Nirwana (Valhalla) en Amazonia truffles. They are suitable for experienced truffle users and for enthusiasts who would like to experience an intense trip. A trip that involves a lot of emotion, visuals, creativity and connection.

1.   Double Vision Truffles

2.   Psilocybe Utopia Truffles

The psilocybe Utopia truffles are exactly as the name suggests: utopian! It is one of the strongest magical truffles that gives you special hallucinations. You experience both closed-eyes and open-eyes visual effects, which are often accompanied by laughter and distortions of the world around you. It is a perfect truffle for the lover of fantastic trips that can lead to many discoveries and philosophical conversations.

3.   Psilocybe Hollandia Truffles

In terms of strength, the Hollandia truffle is almost on the same line as the Utopia . The name says it all, but this truffle comes from the Netherlands. It is a real powerhouse that contains properties of the best magic truffles. The effects are intense and during your trip you can be assured that you will experience feelings of euphoria, connection and creativity. This truffle provides impressive and lifelike visions and, at a high dose, also hallucinations.

3.   Psilocybe Hollandia Truffles

4.   Pink Paradise Truffles

The Pink Paradise truffles are also among the stronger truffle varieties. The Pink Paradise has a mild visual and hallucinatory effect. You get, as it were, a warm blanket of love that is accompanied by euphoria, philosophy, new insights and in-depth conversations.

5.   High Hawaiians magic Truffles

The powerful High Hawaiians truffles, also known as Psilocybe Tampelandia, are very popular. These magical truffles provide a trip that often consists of laughter, hallucinations and visions. The world around you will look different, sounds will come in differently, and the experience of colors will be completely different. A suitable truffle for experienced truffle users.
5.   High Hawaiians magic Truffles

6.   Dragon's Dynamite Truffles

The Dragon’s Dynamite truffles provide a strong trip that often consists of philosophical insights, more energy and a feeling of euphoria. Some say these truffles unleash your inner dragon; hence the name. During the trip, you often experience an enormous energetic boost that is released.

7.   Dutch Dragons magic Truffles

The Dutch Dragons truffles are equivalent to the Dragon's Dynamite truffles. The Dutch Dragon truffles provide a strong trip with powerful visual effects. They show you the world in a different way. And not only the world around you, but also the world inside you. The trip gives you new insights and is experienced by many users as very intense.
7.   Dutch Dragons magic Truffles

8.   Psilocybe Atlantis Truffles

The Psilocybe Atlantis truffles are very popular in the Netherlands. These truffles provide strong visual insights and feelings of euphoria. They are very suitable for truffle users who want a first step towards a heavier truffle, or who are looking for ‘new insights’. How you experience the trip with these truffles depends on the amount you ingest. On a light trip, the world around you will look and feel different. Much more colorful and intense. With a heavy trip, it is possible to gain new insights that you have never experienced before.

9.   Psilocybe Tampanensis Truffles

The Psilocybe Tampanensis truffles are suitable for both novice and experienced truffle users. They give a mild trip and mainly involve mental effects. You will experience your thoughts differently, and you will come to new insights. This is often accompanied by laughter, cheerfulness and creativity. At a higher dose, it can lead to spiritual insights.
9.   Psilocybe Tampanensis Truffles

10. Psilocybe Mexicana Truffles

The Psilocybe Mexicana truffle is one of the best truffles for beginners. In general, the effects are milder than any of the above magical truffles, making them perfect for the start of your truffle adventure. They give you a happy, energetic and exciting trip that lasts several hours. Your senses will work better, sounds are experienced differently, and you experience the time and space around you differently.

Conclusion: the strongest magic truffles

This article describes the top 10 strongest magic truffles. The strongest magic truffles are the Double Vision, the Utopia and Hollandia truffles. Other strong truffles are the Pink Paradise, High Hawaiians, Dragon's Dynamite and Dutch Dragons. The Atlantis, Tampanensis and Mexicana are suitable for both novice and experienced users.

Always keep in mind that the dosage of the magic truffles largely determines the strength of the trip. If you take a large amount of a lighter truffle, you can experience a stronger trip than if you take a small amount of a strong truffle. In addition, the experience of each magical truffle is slightly different for everyone. This is mainly due to individual experiences, psychology and physiology.

As a beginner, we recommend that you start with the lighter magic truffles and a small dose. You can then gradually build up the strength and dosage. And preferably use in a familiar environment with famous people around you for such a’s pleasant trip possible. Take care of yourself and above all, enjoy!