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Are you going to use mushrooms for the first time? Then it is wise to read these 9 golden tips before you start your first mushroom trip. They make sure you have the best trip possible, and let's face it, that's what we do it all for, right?

9 Tips for your first mushroom trip as a beginner

These 9 tips will help you create a great psilocybin experience and an amazing, magical journey.

#1 Make sure you're comfortable with a mushroom trip

Mushrooms stimulate the feelings and emotions of the subconscious mind. They open doors that you normally keep closed and that means you have to feel good about using mushrooms. Strengthening your feelings is fantastic when you are comfortable in your own skin.

Feeling happy, euphoric and divine, it is all possible with the use of magic mushrooms. But if you realize that these are all feelings that come from within yourself, you can also understand that if you are negative, it can also get worse if you are not feeling well.

#2 A safe and familiar environment is essential for a mushroom trip

A home environment where you know your way around and feel comfortable is very important for a good mushroom trip. The world around you will change during your mushroom trip, so an environment that you know is very important.

Otherwise, the environment can actually work against you during your trip. You are also less mobile during a mushroom trip so moving from place A to place B can be quite a challenge during your trip.

#3 Always trip with a Sitter

When you get into a bad trip, it's not hopeless at all. You can get out of it by distracting yourself, but this can be a bit difficult on a first trip. That is why a tripsitter is important during your mushroom trip.

This is not a tip that only applies to beginners, but experienced users often have a tripsitter around them during a trip. A trip sitter is a person who is sober during your trip and prevents you from making wrong decisions during your trip. In addition, it can help you to put your mind at ease the moment you start to experience a bad trip.

You can influence your trip yourself. The feeling you have is enhanced. If you feel anxious, the tripsitter reassure you that the feeling is only temporary and that the trip ends after a while. This way you can reassure yourself and increase the chance that your fear will disappear like snow in the sun, and you can fully enjoy your mushroom trip.

#4 Fully equipped during your mushroom trip

A mushroom trip takes several hours. It is therefore important that you also eat and drink something during that period. As mentioned, moving from place A to place B is a bit more difficult during a trip. So make sure you have a well-stocked fridge before you start your mushroom trip. Think of sufficient water, cola, fruit juice and snacks such as chips, grapes, strawberries or blackberries.

#5 Start your trip on an empty stomach

To allow psilocybin to be absorbed into your body faster, you should not eat anything for at least 3 hours beforehand. This way you get the most out of your mushroom trip and you also reduce the chance of feeling nauseous in the initial phase of your trip.

#6 You do not combine a mushroom trip with other drugs

Make no mistake. Magic mushrooms are different from other drugs. Therefore, do not combine other drugs with your magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms have a hallucinatory effect more often than other drugs and do not mix well with other drugs. You also do not combine alcohol with a mushroom trip. Where magic mushrooms mind-expanding alcohol has the opposite effect. That is why it is not a sensible combination.

Although many experienced mushroom users combine a mushroom trip with cannabis, this is something we advise against.

#7 How many mushrooms to use?

Next tochoosing the right mushroom for a first trip is also the amount extremely important. Now that magic mushrooms are no longer sold in smart shops, magic mushrooms are only consumed after they have been grown at home. For this you buy a simple mushroom grow kit in our smart shop. Therefore, make sure you always weigh the mushrooms carefully with a scale before using them. Also keep in mind that there is an essential difference between fresh mushrooms and dried mushrooms.

Although the level of psychoactive substances is the same, a large part of the weight is lost during the drying of the mushrooms. The reason for this is that fresh mushrooms consist for a large part of moisture. During the drying process they lose a lot of moisture and therefore weight. Some mushrooms lose 90% of their weight while drying. That is why you should also consume much less dried mushrooms compared to fresh mushrooms.

We therefore advise novice users of magic mushrooms not to use more than a maximum of 1 gram of dried magic mushrooms during a first trip. For fresh mushrooms that is 10 grams. This is a mild trip and introduces you to psychoactive substances in a pleasant way. Do not choose Ecuadorian or Hawaiian mushrooms for your first mushroom trip, but preferably choose Mexican magic mushrooms.

#8 Magic mushrooms are not addictive

Mushrooms contain psychoactive substances. Those substances are not addictive. In fact, if you were to use magic mushrooms three days in a row, you would hardly feel anything on the third day. It is therefore practically impossible to become addicted to magic mushrooms. As far as we know, the substances you find in magic mushrooms are not harmful to the body. In fact, according to research, the safest drugs are those that are included on the prohibited list in the Opium Act.

What you should realize is that magic mushrooms enhance your unconscious and conscious feelings. This means that magic mushrooms also amplify any psychological illnesses. That is why the use of magic mushrooms is also not recommended for some people.

#9 What can you expect from a mushroom trip?

I would like to conclude with what you can expect during a mushroom trip. If you know what to expect, you can also deal with it better during your first dimensional journey. That said, the effect is different for everyone and every trip. But what you should think about is strengthening your senses. You can experience touch differently, see colours more clearly and not only hear sounds, but also feel them. In addition, the world around you can deform, and you can see certain shapes come to life.

A euphoric feeling, bliss and laughter are very normal during a mushroom trip. Hallucinations and visual trips are also common. In addition, you can also become completely introverted. Not in an annoying way, but really start a conversation with yourself to see the world through different eyes.