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Lately, we hear a lot about Design drugs in the media and at parties. But what exactly are designer drugs? Why are they often still legal? What is she doing to you? And why can the use of these drugs be so dangerous? We take you into the world of designer drugs and tell you all about it. Are you reading along?

What are designer drugs?

Designer drugs or NPS (new psychoactive substances) are also called research chemicals, RC's or legal highs. Designer drugs often resemble classic drugs such as coke, speed, MDMA or XTC. A large proportion of designer drugs are not (yet) illegal.

Design drugs are so called because they are specially designed in a laboratory. These drug designers can design the drugs in such a way that they are nothing else and are therefore not prohibited. In this way, designers circumvent the law and can simply sell the drugs. These drugs are often even cheaper, and you can order them anywhere on the internet. You sometimes have your designer drugs on your doorstep the next day.

Bypassing the Laws

The Opium Act lists products that may not be sold here – like normal drugs, this is illegal. But in designer drug labs, new chemical variants are constantly being imitated on the classic drugs. In this way, the Opium Act is constantly circumvented. Because these chemical variants are not included in the Opium Act. If they do come up, then the designer drug designers will be 10 steps further ahead and the new designer drugs will be lurking again.

The drugs are often made in small and secret labs. These do not meet the safety requirements of the law. The goal here is to produce as many designer drugs as possible as quickly as possible. This does not include hygiene and safety. That is why it can be very dangerous. You do not know what you are taking in, which substances and how this is produced.

Almost all designer drugs are labelled “not fit for human consumption” on the packaging. In this way, the Commodities Act is also circumvented. The designer drug designers have all kinds of tricks for this too. The Commodities Act cannot compete with this either.

Are designer drugs dangerous?

As we described above, designer drugs are quite dangerous because of the way they work in the labs. In addition, you do not know what raw materials have been used, what this does to your body and there are still few experiences with it.

Taking drugs is of course almost never without risk. Therefore, always test your drugs before using. But a lot of information can be found online about the classic drugs about intakes, amounts, experiences and effects. With designer drugs, you take an extra big risk because nothing is actually known about it. So be extra careful with what you take.

Design drugs are very popular, especially among young people. This is because you can order it easily, and it is often a lot cheaper.

Types of designer drugs

There are countless designer drugs. The designers try to boost the classic drugs in all shapes and sizes. This with different chemicals and substances. And the bizarre thing is, as you read this article, there are already countless new designer drugs in development. This is an ongoing process that the law cannot do anything about for the time being. The most common designer drugs are:


This is perhaps the most famous designer drug. It looks like a combination of speed and coke. This is widely used among young people and has been in the media a lot. In 2021, 3-MMC was therefore placed on list II of the Opium Act. As indicated above, a new 3-MMC variant is probably already on the way.

The cabinet bans 3-MMC because it finds the drug too dangerous. Research has shown that the complaints after this drug are very serious. For example, users experienced serious psychological complaints, heart problems, increased blood pressure or a raised body temperature. In addition, 3-MMC is extremely addictive.


This drug is also known as ‘meow meow’ mentioned. It would have an effect between MDMA, XTC and coke. This is also a very well-known party drug. In the meantime, also banned this drug.


These are synthetic substances with a similar effect to THC. This substance can be found in hash and weed. The difference is that this has a very strong effect. The thrips can be experienced as very serious. Also because you don't know how much to take and what the exact effects are. 

4-FA or F-FMP

This drug is often used at festivals. It gives you energy and a warm feeling. It most resembles a combination of XTC and speed. This drug has been very popular for several years now. In the last year we have seen decreases, because the side effects and aftermath can be very serious. For example, it would very strongly affect your brain.


You may have heard of GHB. A liquid substance containing, among other things, cleaning agents. GBL is derived from GHB. This is a highly addictive substance, because your body will think you need it and keep asking for more. You can also become unconscious very quickly, and there are people who choke on their own vomit. This drug is also marked as very dangerous.


This is a drug to hallucinate, and this drug is also very popular. Just like magic mushrooms and truffles, the drug gives your senses a boost.

Addiction lurks quickly

As described above, some drugs are extremely addictive. Think GBL and 3-MMC. Fortunately, this is increasingly in the news and other users are trying to warn you about the terrible effects.

In addition, addiction clinics sometimes do not know how to deal with this. This is because the substances are still so unknown and the post-treatment must be adapted accordingly. It also appears that the relapse rate in addiction after treatment with these drugs is very high.

Editor's tip: stick to the classic drugs. For example, do you want to trip? Go for truffles or grow your own magic mushrooms. So safe and so sensible.