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It's great that you want to get acquainted with magic mushrooms! As you may have seen on our website, we have a lot of different types of magic mushrooms. That's why, especially for you, in this blog our advice for a first acquaintance!

Your first acquaintance

It is important that you have read carefully about the effects / risks of magic mushrooms. Before taking magic mushrooms, make sure it's really something for you. Private? Then read our blog with tips for tripping as beginner, and you are ready to go!

Different strengths of magic mushrooms

The strength of magic mushrooms is measured on the basis of the number 1 to 5. The effects can be measured from 1 (mild) to 5 (very strong). Each psilocybin mushroom strain contains unique effects. One species is known for powerful visualizations, where the other species distinguishes itself with philosophical and creative insights.

When you use magic mushrooms for the first time, mild visuals and body energy, accompanied by philosophical conversations and insights, are very nice. These mild mushrooms are measured on average with the number 2. Below we have our best growkits to give you as a beginner the ultimate trip!

The Mexican Grow Kit

The Mexican Growkit is perhaps the most popular mushroom of the moment and very suitable if you are new to going to trip on magic mushrooms. A Mexican magic mushroom trip is usually experienced as euphoric. A feeling of freedom in which colours are perceived more intensely and mild hallucinations can occur. A relaxed mushroom trip can give you new insights into yourself or others.

The Cambodian grow kit

The Cambodian is the perfect mushroom strain for the novice psilocybin user. Cambodian mushrooms were first discovered in the Angkor region. This is a temple complex in Cambodia. This Cambodian mushroom growkit is mysticism and magic in a box!

Thai Grow Kit

For anyone who has ever been to Thailand knows how magical it is. This mushroom lives up to its name, because the Thai mushrooms are just as magical ! With the Thai magic mushroom grow kit, you can bring the magical Thai atmosphere of the full moon parties into your home. This mushroom is very suitable for visiting parties and festivals. It makes you very social, cheerful and energetic in a relaxed way.

PES Hawaii Grow Kit

The Hawaii PES are large mushrooms with large copper colored hats. These wonderful psilcybe mushrooms are not native to Hawaii. But have been developed there.

There are 2 different Hawaiian mushrooms. The PES Hawaii is not the well-known and powerful Hawaiians (Copelandia Cyanescens). The PES Hawaii is a magical psilocybe cubensis strain and differs in its effects from the magic mushroom strain Hawaiians (Copelandia Cyanescens) and is less strong.

The PES Hawaii is well suited for a curious user who has tried psilocybin psychedelics before or wants to try it for the first time. This psilocybe magic mushroom strain is just above average strength. The effects of this beautiful and powerful magic mushroom are: strong visuals, me in creative thinking, medium body energy and philosophical insight.

Note: this one is slightly stronger than the Thai, Mexican and Cambodian mushroom.

The amount is very important

Now that you've chosen the right mushroom, it's time to determine the amount. This is extremely important and can make or break your trip. Now that magic mushrooms are no longer sold in the smartshop, due to the fact that the magic mushrooms can only be consumed after they have been grown at home. To do this, buy a simple mushroom growkit in our smartshop.

Therefore, make sure you always weigh the mushrooms well with a scale before you use them. Also keep in mind that there is an essential difference between fresh mushrooms and dried mushrooms.

Although the level of psychoactive substances is the same, a large part of the weight is lost during the drying of the mushrooms. The reason for this is that fresh mushrooms consist for a large part of moisture. During the drying process, they lose a lot of moisture and therefore weight.

Some mushrooms lose 90% of their weight during drying. That is why you should also consume much less dried mushrooms compared to fresh mushrooms.

We therefore advise novice users of magic mushrooms to use no more than a maximum of 1 gram of dried magic mushrooms during a first trip. For Freshmushrooms this is 10 grams. This is a mild trip and introduces you to psychoactive substances in a pleasant way.

What can you expect?

I would like to conclude with what you can expect during a mushroom trip. If you know what to expect, you can better deal with it during your first dimensional journey. That said, the effect is different for everyone and every trip.

But what you should think about is strengthening your senses. You can experience touch differently, see colors more clearly and not only hear but also feel sounds. In addition, the world around you can deform, and you can see certain shapes come to life.

A euphoric feeling, bliss and laughter are very normal during a mushroom trip. Hallucinations and visual trips are also common. In addition, you can also become completely introverted. Not in an annoying way, but really start a conversation with yourself to see the world through different eyes.