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Rapé is also called the sacred tobacco of the jungle. People mainly know the tobacco as Rapeeh, but officially you pronounce it as ha-peej. It is a composite of various plants that grow in the Amazon region, with Nicotiana Rustica as the main ingredient. rapé is generally known as a way to cleanse your body and mind, and not as a stimulant. An interesting natural product! In this article we tell you what Rapé exactly, what the effects are, a bit of origin and of course how to use it.

What is Rapé?

The staple of Rapé, Nicotiana Rustica is no less than twenty times stronger than the normal tobacco we know from the tobacco industry. Like regular tobacco, it contains nicotine, but it is not intended for smoking. It also contains no chemical additives, making it a lot less burdensome and addictive than regular tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum). Rapé is seen as medicine and not as a stimulant.

In short, it is a powder that needs to be snorted, made from pulverized leaves from the Amazon region with Nicotiana Rustica as the main ingredient.

How does Rapé made?

The various plants from the Amazon region where Rapé consists of being chopped into small pieces. Then the fine tobacco kept over fire so that it can dry properly. The dried whole is pulverized, sieved and ground again into powder that can be snorted. The powder is crushed so fine that it is almost the consistency of dust.

How do you use Rapé?

Rapé is powder that needs to be snorted. Traditionally, someone else is supposed to blow the powder into the recipient's nose. This has both a spiritual and practical function. Sniffing the powder can be quite uncomfortable, and inexperienced users usually have trouble filling both nostrils in quick succession. A handy tool for this is a Kuripe. Filling both nostrils is important to allow the energy flows to run simultaneously.

So ask someone you trust to help you take Rapé. Not only good for experiencing the effects, but also respectful towards the sacred tradition. From the traditional usage, it was believed that the person infuses his soul into the other. In this way, he shares himself with the other and gives the recipient his powers. In addition, someone else's breath brings healing powers.


What are the effects of Rapé?

As mentioned before, Rapé used as medicine and not as a stimulant. It is strongly linked to the spiritual world and cleanses body and mind. After ingestion, you can first of all expect a strong physical reaction. Snot and mucus literally flows from your nose and throat, and you may also vomit. Let all this happen and don't panic. It is a natural way to get rid of toxins and negative energy. Blow your nose, gargle, hang over the toilet and let nature do its work.

After you have worked the most out of your body, you will notice that breathing is easier, and you can focus on the mental effects. The high concentration nicotine provides a stimulating effect and therefore has a stimulating effect. Hormones such as adrenaline, acetylcholine, and dopamine are released, which can lead to increased clarity and increased awareness. You are now all set for the spiritual and physical cleansing that frees you from physical, emotional and spiritual illness.

Side effect

Still not feeling well? Then you may be experiencing dehydration symptoms. By vomiting and excessive loss of mucus, you have a lost a lot of water in a short period of time. Lie or sit quietly, concentrate on your breathing, and drink water or fruit juice.

Rituals or ceremonies

Using Rapé is often used in ceremonies and rituals and dates back to the time of the indigenous tribes in South America. Today, the sacred tobacco is used in shamanic ceremonies to induce profound experiences and is part of ritual prayers to invoke the forces of nature. It is therefore not intended for a light night of tripping, but for a cleansing of body and mind.

What is the general dosage of Rapé?

The amount of Rapé  depends on several factors, such as body weight, tolerance and experience. When using it, it is nice if you know this information about yourself. Is Rapé if not for you, then you could try Yopo, read here more about it.

As described above, Rapé be consumed through both nostrils. For starters, we recommend using a pea-sized amount per nostril. Depending on your response, you can reduce or increase the dose. Are you part of a ritual or ceremony with experienced users? Then get good advice.

In conclusion, we can say for sure that Rapé a very interesting product is what nature has offered us. Of course, we offer many more psychedelic herbs in our smartshop. Treat the sacred status of this product with respect, provide the right setting with experienced people, and enjoy a liberated body and mind!