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Do you know the differences between magic mushrooms and truffles? Some users find that the differences are negligible. Others argue that they don't resemble each other and that they have a strong preference for one or the other.

While such a thing is always partly a matter of taste (literally and figuratively), we can distinguish the differences and easily list agreements for you. This is useful, because there are indeed some differences. That way you can make a better choice if you want to use magic mushrooms or truffles.

Differences between magic mushrooms and truffles

Magicians and truffles are popular. You can trip with them or use them to support your physical and mental well-being with microdosing. Their great strength lies in the fact that they both contain psilocybin. This is a substance that causes the tripping, the distortion of what you see, feel, smell and hear.

If they both contain this substance, what are the differences? The first is what they are. Magic mushrooms are of course mushrooms, of the species Psilocybe. They grow above ground and form a network of threads, the mycelium network, underground. Each part of the mushroom contains the mind-altering substance psilocybin. The mushroom itself is therefore the above-ground fruiting body.

Truffles have a name that can mislead you. You probably know the famous and expensive truffles, which are sought by boars in the forest. These are the fruiting bodies of ascomycetes, or bag mushrooms. Those are just mushrooms, which are not psychoactive.

Magic truffles are something completely different. They are sclerotia, meaning they are fruiting bodies formed underground of the mycelium. They occur when the mushroom is going through a tough time, such as when it is too dry or there is a lack of nutrients. The fungi then form a kind of underground pavement, so that they can survive more easily. Those will be the magic truffles. This is where some of the differences between magic mushrooms and truffles arise.

Difference in strength

Whether you use magic mushrooms or truffles, their effect is powerful and you can receive special visions and insights. The difference lies in the concentration of psychoactive substances. When you grow mushrooms, each individual mushroom will grow at a different rate. One mushroom is long and thin, the other is shorter and thicker. When you harvest the mushrooms, the concentration of substances will differ somewhat per mushroom.

The magic truffles are, in that respect, much more even. They all contain the same amount of psilocybin and that also makes them easier to dose.

Tastes differ

Magicians and truffles do not taste good. Most people won't eat them because they enjoy the taste so much. In terms of taste, the two trip agents are similar, both have a somewhat nutty taste. Many people find truffles a bit sour, but usually a bit easier to eat in terms of taste.

But truffles are quite chewy. The moisture content is low and when you eat them they feel hard. That can be difficult to chew. Mushrooms, on the other hand, are tender and juicy by comparison. They're not tasty, but they're easier to get rid of.

The Similarities Between Magic Mushrooms and Truffles

When it comes to magical power, magic mushrooms and truffles are each other's equals. They both contain psilocybin, which provides powerful mind-altering effects. The effect is also similar and a trip with either one takes about the same time. There are only differences if you choose a different kind of mushroom or truffle.

As far as storage is concerned, they also have similarities. They can both be dried, after which they can be kept for years. Fresh truffles can be kept longer than magic mushrooms. If you pack them vacuum, you can keep them good for 3 months. If you do that with magic mushrooms, they will stay good for 2 to 3 weeks at most. This is because they contain more moisture.

Why choose magic mushrooms or truffles?

If magic mushrooms and truffles are practically the same, how do you make a choice between these two? One of the major differences between magic mushrooms and truffles is availability. Magic mushrooms may not be sold in the Netherlands. A solution for this is the handy home grow kit. You can easily grow your own magic mushrooms with this.

Truffles are for sale everywhere, both dried and fresh. They can therefore be used immediately. This makes truffles the best choice for the psychonaut who has spontaneously wanted a trip If you like to grow your own magic mushrooms, if you can enjoy the growing process and don't mind waiting for them to be ready, then magic mushrooms are a good choice for you.

The differences between magic mushrooms and truffles are therefore not that big, if you are not sure whether one will suit you better than the other, there is only one solution: try them both!

If you want more information about what exactly the difference is between psilocybin and psilocin? Click here!