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Why microdose with magic truffles?

Do you want to get more out of life? Then microdosing with magic truffles might be something for you. It may sound exciting, magic truffles, but a lot of research is currently being done and the results are promising.More creativity, less stress and a sharper concentration. These are all characteristics of microdosing with magic truffles. Interesting of course. We want to know more about that.

What are magic truffles?

In short, in case you are not yet familiar with magic truffles, we explain what magic truffles are.Magic truffles are part of the underground network (mycelium) that also grows some magic mushrooms. As a result, they, like magic mushrooms, contain psychoactive substances. These psychoactive substances, psilocybin and psilocin, are substances that have led to interesting studies for years.Psychoactive substances are the basis of Silicon Valley's success

“To be active at the highest innovation level, you need psychoactive substances”.

A claim from the innovation capital of the world; Silicon Valley.The reason why Silicon Valley has been known for years as a lover of drugs such as magic mushrooms, magic truffles and LSD is clear. It helps them to develop new ideas for a start-up. They use the drugs differently than weekend users.

The purpose of using drugs in Silicon Valley is to optimize the brain.

One of the Hollywood movies that may have contributed to this is Limitless. In that film there is a pill that makes you much smarter. Smarter than any other soul on Earth. This is how Silicon Valley sees drug use.Opening new doors. Doors that normally remain closed because you only use a limited part of your brain. With magic truffles, magic mushrooms and LSD, for example, some of these doors seem to open.So brainstorm magic truffles.

But aren't you going to trip from magic truffles?

Yes, you can trip from magic truffles. As well as from magic mushrooms or from LSD but as you may know the amount you take from the magic truffles or magic mushrooms is essential for the trip level you reach.That is why Silicon Valley is currently microdosing. They use so small amounts that your creativity is increased but you will not hallucinate, trip or notice other effects that make working difficult.Silicon Valley millionaires view psychedelic drugs, such as Magic Truffles and Mushrooms, as a growth hack or a life hack. It's all about staying ahead of the competition in the hunt for that next big idea.

However, the use of psychedelic drugs is not new in the pursuit of innovative ideas. As early as 1950, LSD was used within the American company AMPEX to be more creative and innovative than the competition.Research into microdosing magic trufflesResearch is now also being conducted in the Netherlands into the treatment of people with depressive complaints through the use of microdosing of magic truffles.

There are people with chronic depression who compare it to drinking a very good cup of coffee.They get more energy and the thresholds they experience in everyday life disappear or become more bearable.In addition, it is claimed that a stronger focus in people who have ADHD, stuttering is reduced in stutterers and less procrastination occurs. There is a long list of things that can help.

Risks of microdosing

Isn't the use of psychedelic drugs dangerous? According to many studies, the risks are hardly there, if at all. Still, it is not recommended in people who are prone to anxiety and schizophrenia.The funny thing is that people with depression were also advised not to consume magic mushrooms and truffles. Now research is being done to alleviate depression complaints by using magic truffles.All this has to do with the size of the dose you take. With a large dose of hallucinations, the world comes in so hard it can be overwhelming.

If you feel sad, you are more likely to experience a bad trip.The Mushrooms and magic truffles open doors that keep your consciousness closed to you. So in depression this is a dark door and it can come in very hard.However, if you are going to microdose, it will not come in as hard. The dose is a lot smaller. This means that doors are opened but are left ajar. This way you increase your insights but you don't get swallowed up by it.The discoverer of LSD, Albert Hofmann, used microdoses for clearer use of his brain during the last decades of his life. The man died in 2008 at the age of 102. The living proof of aging with microdosing.