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Plant Of Life Terpsolator 99% Strawberry Diesel 250 mg

Plant Of Life Terpsolator 99% Strawberry Diesel 250 mg
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Plant of Life Terpsolator Strawberry Diesel is CBD concentrate, but contains more than just CBD. When you buy pure CBD crystals, this is CBD isolate. Terpsolator means that in addition to CBD, it also contains the terpenes from the hemp plant. That is also where the word comes from: it is a combination of terpenes and isolate.

The hemp plant is rich in all kinds of valuable substances. This contains not only cannabinoids, such as CBD, but also terpenes. The plant produces these to protect itself against predators. But terpenes also provide the distinctive scent of plants. For us humans, however, these substances also have advantages. For example, they can support our immune system, some have a calming, anti-inflammatory or anti-infective effect.

Strawberry Diesel Terpsolator contains CBD. This cannabinoid has a calming effect and can help with stress and anxiety. CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties and can help relieve pain. The advantage of a terpsolator is the fact that these crystals contain both CBD and terpenes. These substances have a positive effect on each other, which is called the entourage effect. They can reinforce each other's properties, which only results in more benefits. Plant of Life Terpsolator 99% Strawberry Diesel crystals can be dissolved in the mouth, smoked or vaped.


CBD and Terpenes


250 ​​mg CBD crystals

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