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Cibiday - CBD Oil Drops - Quality Line - Highly Concentrated - 10% CBD oil - 10ml

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Cibiday - CBD Oil Drops - Quality Line - Highly Concentrated - 10% CBD oil - 10ml
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CBD High Oil 10 ml (Cannabidiol + 10% olive oil)-efficient effect!

Highly concentrated, natural Cibiday CBD oil in a 10 ml glass drop-bottle with a handy dropper, also known as a dosing pipette.  The oil  consists of completely organic materials and contains a rich cannabidiol content of 10%, The THC-content is below the legal standard of 0.2% . You will not get high or stonend of CBD oil.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid and has many applications such as reducing (chronic) pain, inflammation, epilepsy, migraine and many psychological symptoms. The hemp oil has an ideal ratio of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and may contribute to a healthy cholesterol level. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid and no THC. You will not get stoned or high of CBD. This oil is able to relieve health ailments or even let them disappear completely . It improves sleep and helps significantly against stuck muscles. CBD also protects healthy cells and tissues and supported the brain, memory, blood pressure and circulation. Cannabidiol also has a very positive effect on the intestinal system. This oil slows down in a natural way the aging process.

  • CBD content: 10% (high rate) 
  • THC content: <0.2%  
  • Contents: 10 ml 
  • Including drop counter (also called gummi bulb or pipette) 
  • Cannabis sativa l. 
  • Used hemp types: KC Dora Santhica 70 hemp/Hemp 
  • Certified variety of hemp 
  • CBD, also contains other valuable cannabinoids and Terpenoids 
  • Mixed with olive oil 
  • More powerful effect 
  • 100% organically grown 
  • 100% legal 
  • No intoxicating or mind-expanding effect and therefore safe for children and the elderly
Dosing Advice CBD Oil High Content 

Since this oil has a high percentage of CBD and a more powerful effect It is advisable to start with a small dose. For any use you have to shake the bottle. By simply squeezing in the CAP you will fill the pipette, Start with 1 to 3 drops under the tongue. Wait about 1-2 minutes before swallowing. If necessary you can repeat this action several times on the day, depending on the situation.
It is possible when the oil gives does not give a desired result, that the body needs a couple of days before the cannabinoids effective can be noticed. Stay calm by dripping and increase after a week the number of drops per dose. When the desired result is reached after a few weeks, it is advisable to try out a different composition, as for example CBD oil with hemp seed oil or a completely different product, such as for example Pure CBD CBD or Premium Oil oil.
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