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White Sage smudge torch packed per 3

White Sage smudge torch packed per 3
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White Sage torch smudges represent an ancient tradition deeply rooted in the cultural practices of Native American peoples, particularly in ceremonial activities such as use in sweat lodges. This natural incense, made from all-natural ingredients, is increasingly recognised and used by doctors, therapists and body workers for its purported healing properties. All over the world, people use smudge groves to reconnect with the power of Mother Nature, building on a tradition that may have its origins in the campfires of prehistoric times.

The process of smudging, the cleansing of persons, places and objects with smoke, is not only meant to drive away unwanted insects, but also has a deeper spiritual meaning. It was believed that the smoke of certain plants, including white sage, could not only preserve food and skins, but also offered protection from invisible spirits and negative thoughts. By heating plants or resins and spreading the smoke with large feather fans, this protective and cleansing effect was achieved. Certain smokes were even used in healing rituals because of their specific powers.

White Sage in particular is used to expel negative energies, such as evil spirits and negative thoughts. Known for its distinctive fragrance, this plant is traditionally used as a natural repellent against moths and mosquitoes. Native American peoples in Central America apply white sage in various ways, such as covering the floor in sweat lodges, inhalation through a bunch of sage, or rubbing it on the body during sweat lodge ceremonies, believing it can ward off evil spirits. Interestingly, good spirits are actually attracted to the smoke of white sage, giving it a unique place within spiritual practices.

The tradition of smudging with white sage illustrates the deep connection between cultural practices and the natural world, offering a window into the wisdom of indigenous peoples who have recognised and harnessed the power of plants and herbs for spiritual purification and protection.


White Sage smudge torch - packed per 3

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