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Cannabis Lollipops – Strawberry Banana Kush 10 Pack

Cannabis Lollipops – Strawberry Banana Kush 10 Pack
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Made with real cannabis oil, these fruity lollipops from Dr. Greenlove. With the delicious taste of strawberry and banana, this is always a tasty snack. Despite the fact that it contains cannabis oil, you will not get high from this lollipop, because it contains no THC. So you can eat with peace of mind. Whether you are alone or with your friends. Then hand out this tasty lollipop, it will taste good to everyone.
In addition, this snack contains healthy substances. The pure cannabis oil allows you to benefit from cannabinoids such as CBD. This provides a relaxed feeling, it helps you calm down when you are stressed and has an analgesic effect. If you have a headache or muscle pain, it can help to take a Cannabis lollipop Strawberry Banana Kush. Take a moment for yourself with this delicious lollipop. In the middle you will come across another surprise: a heart made of chewing gum, so that you can enjoy your lollipop a little longer!


  • Sugar
  • Glucose syrup
  • Chewing gum
  • Acid regulator (citric acid, sodium bicarbonate)
  • Natural hemp
  • Fruit flavor
  • Humectant: glycerol

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Cool and Dry


Packed per 10  pieces
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