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Jelly 22% CBD Lemon Haze Extraction 1G

Jelly 22% CBD Lemon Haze Extraction 1G
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Would you like to enjoy CBD, but without getting high or stoned? This is possible with Jelly CBD Lemon Haze Extraction . This contains all the active substances from the cannabis plant, but the percentage of THC is only 0.2%. As a result, you can enjoy the unique aromas of Lemon Haze without worry: a wonderfully fresh lemon flavor, which is completed with earthy notes and spicy scents.

CBD can help support your health. This jelly contains 22% CBD, so it is very suitable for your daily dose. In addition, the jelly is rich in terpenes and flavonoids, which can enhance the effect of the cannabinoids. CBD jelly Lemon Haze can be used for pain and inflammation due to its analgesic effect. In addition, you can also benefit from the soothing properties of CBD. For anxiety, stress, anxiety and sleeping problems, this hash can help you relax a little more easily.

Jelly 22% CBD Lemon Haze is therefore a great way to take CBD and enjoy the pure taste of cannabis at the same time. to enjoy. The hash can be vaporized in a vaporizer, but be careful. Not all vaporizers can vape hash, so look for one that can. You can also use a bong or water pipe or roll it into a joint. If you are interested in using CBD jelly, Lemon Haze is a good choice.


100% certified hemp


Process in a joint or use it in a bong, water pipe or vaporizer. You can also take CBD hash orally and let it dissolve under the tongue.

Storage advice:

Dry and Dark


Contains 1g Lemon Haze Extraction

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