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Herborizer's vaporizers stand by themselves. They are unique in design and are excellent desktop vaporizers for home. We now offer you five Herborizer vaporizers in our webshop that guarantees you a great vaping experience


What is a Herborizer?

Herborizer is a brand of vaporizers that clearly stands out from other vaporizers available on the market. The unique glass design is not only great to use and maintain, but is also a real eye-catcher. These Herborizers are made in a small workshop in Montpellier, France. All Herborizer vaporisers we offer are hand-blown and assembled with the utmost care.

Herborizers stand for high-quality

Herborizers may not be the cheapest or easiest portable vaporizers on the market, but they are of bizarrely high quality. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are also incredibly durable. You can easily use them for 10 years without noticing that you have been using it for 10 years. This is because of the great care taken in creating a Herborizer. They are made of pyrex glass and make for this unique experience.

Buying Herborizers online

You might think that buying a Herborizers online is a bit dangerous because of the breaking of the materials. However, shipping is done in suitable boxes for this purpose so that one always arrives at its destination undamaged. Therefore, always buy Herborizers or a desktop vaporizer online. As you can see, we always have Herborisers in stock, so you can get them quickly.

Why a Herborizer vaporizer is so good

Herborisers are made of high-quality glass. They are all convection vaporizers. You use them in the familiar surroundings of your home or in a coffee shop. This is necessary because a Herborizer needs power to work. Incidentally, this also ensures that you can create big clouds of vapour with Herborizers. It is precisely the use of glass that makes the weed taste better. After all, you taste pure terpenes. This is because the vapour only comes into contact with glass and water, and will therefore taste good for longer. Of course, we also offer pen or regular vaporizers that are a lot cheaper and also taste great.

Herboriser vaporizers are made of pyrex glass. This high-quality glass is highly resistant to heat and high temperatures. In addition, it can also take a beating, which benefits the durability of your vaporizer.

How does a Herborizer vaporizer work?

A Herborizer vaporizer works with heated air. This flows past the herbs in the herb chamber and creates the desired vapour. The water then cools the vapour again. Precisely because of the combination of high-quality glass and the use of water, you retain the pure flavour. And this convection vaporizer therefore creates great clouds of vapour. Besides the vaporizer or Herborizer, we also offer various accessories for the vaporisers.

Order your Herborizer vaporizer online

You can buy a Herborizer vaporizer at 24High. We deliver your Herborizer, disposable or any type of vaporizer quickly, safely and discreetly packaged. This way, you can be sure that you can quickly enjoy the high-quality thick vapours of your Herborizer vaporizer. So don't wait any longer and start enjoying it like a connoisseur.